Autonomous or merely highly automated – what is actually the difference?

Autonomy, automation, autarky, networking… many terms are used in the context of  “autonomous systems”. For example, we already speak about autonomous driving if the vehicle takes over certain driving tasks on its own and without human intervention. Strictly speaking, however,…

How agile is your company? How to make the transition to an agile organization step by step

Agile Transition – Let’s have end-to-end agility! What exactly does this mean, and what does Agile mean in the context of software and systems engineering? Fraunhofer IESE has many years of experience with »Agile« in the area of software engineering,…

What does Paul Bocuse (French three-star-decorated chef) have to do with Data Science?

You wonder how a Data Scientist works? The data science process (i.e., building data-driven products such as recommendations systems, fraud detection systems, chatbots, etc.) is, in some sense, similar to what a chef like Paul Bocuse in a restaurant does…

Blockchain Architecture Design Guidelines – Architecting Blockchain-Based Applications (3/3)

Although (or because) blockchain is a hype topic, careful analysis is necessary to check whether blockchain is an adequate solution for an envisioned application. Designing the architecture of blockchain-based applications is challenging and requires an significant amount of aligned architecture decisions. We support architects with guidance for the decision whether blockchain could be an adequate solution and guide decision making for blockchain-based applications by outlining the architecture design space with numerous relevant questions.

What Do You Really Mean by “Blockchain”? – Architecting Blockchain-Based Applications (2/3)

Blockchain is a heavily overloaded term, both in discussions of practitioners and in literature. This ambiguity is dangerous as it leads to a lot of misunderstandings and can compromise the quality of blockchain-based applications being developed. Thus, we delineate in this article key terms of blockchain. To make understanding as simple as possible, we use Ethereum as an example.

Architecting Blockchain-Based Applications (1/3)

Blockchain is a hype topic that already led to some disillusionment. The development of blockchain-based applications is often technology-driven and with a trial-and-error approach. We provide guidance for architecting blockchain-based applications. We put structure on foundations and terms around blockchain, we outline architecture drivers that benefit from using blockchain technology, and we guide architects with numerous questions through the design space of blockchain-based applications.

The CrowdRE workshop: Central to progressing Crowd-based Requirements Engineering

Consider submitting your original research by 5 July 2019, or attend the workshop on 23 or 24 September 2019 on Jeju Island, South Korea! Open to all researchers and practitioners interested in the topic of CrowdRE, CrowdRE’19 will facilitate interactive…

Vortrag @ SATURN 2019, Pittsburgh, USA

Die SATURN 2019 findet dieses Jahr in Pittsburgh statt, der Heimatstadt des SEI. Das Programm ist wieder voller Highlights für Softwarearchitekten. Ich freue mich sehr, auch mit einem Vortrag dabei sein zu dürfen:
„Tangible Ecosystem Design: Architecting Digital Ecosystems for Disruptive Services“

Future Skills: Approaches for Teaching Data Literacy in Higher Education

In the context of digital transformations, the ability to deal with data in a planned manner and to consciously use and question this data in the respective context is becoming increasingly important and represents a central competence in all sectors…