safeTbox™ V3.3

safeTbox stands for Safety Toolbox and it aims at supporting the development of E/E/PE embedded systems with safety critical characteristics. The tool offers special support for the automotive domain and its associated standard ISO 26262, although several of the modeling techniques can be used independent of the domain. safeTbox integrates modelling as well as analysis capabilities like Hazard and Risk Assessment, Component Fault Trees, Systems Theoretic Process Analysis (STPA) and Goal Structuring Notation. Thanks to its integrated approach, it also enables traceability between modelling artefacts.

We hereby would like to welcome you to the release of safeTbox version 3.3. including following highlights:

Modeling capabilities

  • Systems Theoretic Process Analysis (STPA) Tutorial
  • Component Fault Trees Visualization
  • Automated identifier assignment
  • Component Model Modeling Support
  • Dialog for creating multiple ports at once
  • Port generation cases for modeling connectors redefined
  • Quick replication of component instances

Usability capabilities

  • safeTbox is now compatible with EA versions 15 and above.
  • Support for exponential notation in failure rate specification of basic events for quantitative fault tree analysis
  • The table view now shows Diagrams and Linked Elements columns for traceability
  • Ctrl + A selects all elements of same stereotype when only 1 element is selected
  • HARA now supports sorting on the function sheet

Here you can find more details about the release: safeTbox V3.3