Dr. Frank Elberzhager

Dr. Frank Elberzhager arbeitet seit 2005 am Fraunhofer-Institut für Experimentelles Software Engineering IESE. Neben seiner Rolle als Projektleiter beschäftigt er sich schwerpunktmäßig mit den Themen Software-Qualitätssicherung sowie -Architektur. Zudem berichtet er regelmäßig auf Konferenzen von Ergebnissen aus Forschung und Praxis.

High Quality @ Short Time-to-Market: How the need for speed changes your software’s quality requirements and where you have to invest!

Shorter times for delivering new software products and updated versions are more and more common. Higher speed can provide substantial business value, but only if adequate quality can be delivered. In this article, we explain how the need for speed impacts your software’s quality requirements and why development time and operation quality requirements need strong improvement.

Projekttag: Mobile App Testing

Am 16. Februar 2017 findet am Fraunhofer IESE der erste Projekttag im Rahmen von Opti4Apps statt. Dort werden erste Ergebnisse des in 2016 gestarteten Forschungsprojekts vorgestellt und diskutiert. Das Leitthema der Veranstaltung lautet “Mobile App Testing – Nutzerfeedback automatisiert einbeziehen”….

Architecture-Centric Integration Testing

Architecture design is responsible for dividing an overall system into manageable pieces, which can be independently worked on. The subsequent build and integration process is responsible for putting the pieces together to form intermediate stages and finally the overall system. Additionally, more and more integration of software systems of all types happen. Nevertheless, little attention is still paid to integration testing. We elaborate why architecting and integration testing should be highly connected activities and which best practices allow integration testing to be effective in practice.