As a Fraunhofer Institute, we have been an independent partner in all issues regarding software and systems engineering for more than 20 years. In our applied research, the focus is on Smart Ecosystems. For the future belongs to dynamic and digital ecosystems with extremely high demands on the quality of the system architecture and implementation. Through the balanced interplay of Digital Services and Autonomous & Cyber-Physical System, we set the right course in digital ecosystems. With our three service packages, we help you achieve successful technological innovation, support you in efficiently engineering your software-based system, and see to it that the quality of your software is assured.

360° Diagnostics Center (360°)

  • 360° Analysis: What is the status of my product, my process, my organization?
  • Ecosystem Assessment: Are my systems ready for being integrated into an ecosystem?
  • Architecture Evaluation: How adequate is the architecture and implementation of my system?


Efficient Engineering Solutions (EES)

  • Virtual Engineering: Saving time and costs through simulation and front-loading.
  • Competence Transfer: Establishing innovative engineering approaches and methods sustainably in the company.
  • Quality Engineering: Assuring quality right from the start.
  • Systems Engineering: Efficiently developing complex systems.
  • Agile Transformation: Increasing flexibility and development speed.


Rapid Innovation Lab (RIL)

  • Incubator: Ideas through which your business benefits from digitalization, Big Data, IoT, CPS, service networking, etc.
  • Rapid Prototyping: Rapidly implementing ideas and concepts for testing in practice.
  • Development of Ecosystems: Ensuring the future through disruptive business models, cross-domain approaches, and networking of technologies.

Expertise and usage competence specifically in the following business areas

Automotive and Transprotation Systems

Automation and Plant Engineering

Cross-Energy Management

Health Care

Information Systems


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