Strong partners from the first idea to the successful product

Successful products are based on successful partnerships. Strong companies have strong partners. Ever since our foundation in 1996, we have been the partner of many companies, from small and medium-sized enterprises to globally leading DAX corporations. We speak the language of our customers, recognize challenges thanks to our many years of experience in projects with industry, and find concrete solutions for practical implementation.

We support our partners in the following service categories:

  • in the early phases of innovation and strategy identification,
  • in the evaluation and optimization of existing systems,
  • and during development.

Strategies for innovative products

Every successful product starts with innovative ideas and an adequate implementation strategy. Joint creativity workshops allow developing innovative ideas and examining the potential of  new trends for your company:

With the help of state-of-the-art rapid-prototyping and simulation technologies, ideas are validated early on and important questions about their technical feasibility or about business models are answered. Are you asking yourself which impact autonomous systems will have on your product portfolio, or which role your company can play in a Smart Ecosystem? Particularly in times of rapidly changing markets it is a crucial factor for success to have an independent partner on your side that can build bridges between business ideas and technologies.

Quality as an investment for success

The growing complexity of systems, continually increasing customer expectations, and a volatile market landscape are only some of the aspects that create challenges for companies.

In the context of 360° degree analyses, we examine both your processes and your actual products. In our Prognostics Center, we thoroughly analyze existing software systems and reveal problems – from the requirements via the architecture to implementation and quality assurance.

If you are asking yourself where exactly changes have to be made in your software, we provide facts that will stand up to close scrutiny, in particular with regard to

Decisions such as whether the renovation of a system is worth the effort or whether it might make more sense to build a new system can be underpinned with well-grounded analysis results. The quality of third-party software can be checked in a similar way. Based on the analysis results and our long-time experience, we derive improvement measures and actively support you in optimizing your products and systems.

We do not only diagnose the quality of a fully developed product, however. Using initial results from the development process, we already predict system qualities that are to be expected (such as the number of defects). This makes it possible to check continually whether or not development is still on the right track. Problems can be avoided before they even arise. Because once the decision has been made to change direction and restructure a system or adapt it to a new market, more often than not this means investments in the amount of millions. This makes it even more important to monitor the quality of the system right from the start, to control the costs, and to take countermeasures early on. If it becomes apparent that the system will not achieve the expected quality or will be unable to implement the envisioned business models, in early phases of the development it is still possible to intervene effectively. Early, independent evaluation of the system quality on the basis of reproducible facts helps to avoid costly wrong decisions and undesirable development and is thus an investment into the success of the product.

Working hand in hand

Strong partners support each other until the goal has been achieved. Therefore we do not let you down when it comes to the issue of development. We support you from the start in engineering and in implementing optimization recommendations. From requirements via architecture to the processes being used: together with your experts we work on engineering innovative products with guaranteeable qualities. We deal with data sovereignty, functional safety, and user experience using state-of-the-art concepts. To do so, we make use of innovative systems and software engineering approaches, which we adapt individually to your needs. If desired, we make the development platform including the entire tool chain available to you in the context of our Rapid Prototyping Lab. This allows increasing innovative power and efficiency in the current development. And through our joint work in combination with accompanying training sessions and coaching, know-how is transferred efficiently and sustainably. Hence, joint engineering is not only an investment into the quality and success of your product or system: rather, it is a long-term investment into the success and added value of your company.


360° Diagnostics Center

Our experts check software and support documents with specialized tools.


Rapid Innovation Labs

Our researchers provide comprehensive support for your innovation process – from generating ideas to assessing customer acceptance and technical feasibility.


Efficient Engineering Solutions

In the context of our service "Efficient Engineering Solutions", we offer a portfolio of innovative and proven processes, methods, and tools.

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