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Software and systems engineering as well as innovation engineering – we support you holistically!

More and more often, innovations are based on software. But if the world relies on software, how do you assure its quality? It is therefore important to approach software and systems engineering in an integrated and interdisciplinary manner.

Fraunhofer IESE supports you holistically in software and systems engineering as well as innovation engineering. This covers the entire spectrum from strategic decisions in management to technical issues in the areas of architecture, implementation, or testing. Depending on your needs and wishes, we will accompany you from the first steps over the entire lifecycle of a project – or only for selected issues.

Our services according to focus topics

We focus on current, urgent, and complex challenges in the field of software and bundle our services:


Focus Topic

Digital Ecosystems

We support you in positioning yourself with regard to Digital Ecosystems and the Platform Economy and in establishing successful Digital Ecosystems.


Focus Topic

Dependable AI

We make it possible to use AI technologies in critical applications and work with you to find the right use cases and develop dependable AI systems.


Focus Topic

Digital Twin / VE

With Virtual Engineering (VE) and Digital Twins, we help you create virtual test environments that address the increasing complexity of systems more flexibly and cost-effectively.


Focus Topic

System Modernization

We support you inbringing your legacy systems into a successful future – from independent analysis via the introduction of new technologies to strategic realignment.

Our services according to engineering competencies

The engineering of innovative software-based systems is our expertise and our passion, and we support you in a wide range of challenges. We know that many of your problems have to be considered systematically and holistically. This characterizes our approach: We always start from your individual situation and work with you to find effective solutions. As an independent institution, our evaluations are neutral and objective.

We are very familiar with all the necessary engineering disciplines and their interaction.

A particular focus of our expertise is on the following engineering disciplines:



Creativity and Requirements Engineering

  • Creativity workshops & prototyping
  • User evaluations of product innovations
  • Practices suitable for everyday use & usage-oriented focus
  • As-is analysis and customized process definition


Systems and Software Architecture

  • Development of innovative systems and software architectures
  • Modernization and migration of legacy systems
  • Evaluation and testing of trends and technologies
  • Evaluation of software architectures


Data Science,
Data Analytics and
Data Engineering

  • Development of strategies for the digital transformation
  • Support in the identification, analysis of the potential, and implementation of data-driven business models and solutions 
  • Data science training


Development Processes

  • Process analysis and process evaluation
  • Introduction of agile processes in accordance with Scrum, Kanban, XP, Scaled Agile Framework
  • Improvement of your own process
  • Expert know-how
  • New and innovative approaches



Today, software controls complex processes and is highly interconnected. However, the quality of software is difficult to grasp. At the same time, software whose quality is insufficient is very problematic. The more critical the usage purpose of software becomes, the higher the requirements on quality and on how it can be proven. Ultimately, quality is a mix of numerous differently weighted quality attributes and their concrete attainment.

This is why quality in software and systems engineering and in innovation engineering is a goal with many facets that must be given engineering-style consideration in all engineering disciplines. Dependable quality statements require state-of-the-art methods and a systematic approach.

We have extensive experience in taking a holistic view of quality and will help you, too, achieve the right quality.

A particular focus of our expertise is on the following quality properties:



Data Security and Data Sovereignty

  • Data security and data sovereignty through data usage control
  • Inspection of your existing system in terms of data security
  • Review of the stability of your security design, its implementation, and the adequacy of your security algorithms



  • All about the topic of functional safety – standards, methods, tools, engineering know-how
  • Integrated model-based safety-, security-, and systems engineering
  • Safety for open, adaptive, and cooperative autonomous systems
  • Safe AI / Dependable AI


User Experience

  • Evaluation of existing products
  • Development & generation of new products with positive UX 
  • Integrated UX strategy for your company

How we work for you and with you

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We focus precisely on your situation and your challenges. The following points provide an insight into possible types of cooperation, which we individually tailor and combine for you:

  • Development of innovative software-intensive systems
    We support you in designing and building innovative software-intensive systems.
  • Making development methods and tools ready for the future
    By applying and transferring new methods and technologies, we ensure that your software development runs effectively and efficiently.
  • Carrying out reviews, expert opinions, potential analyses, and studies
    We work with a neutral and independent view and prepare reviews and expert opinions for you, even or especially in critical situations. We examine and analyze potentials regarding software, data, and innovations for you and thoroughly investigate facts in studies.
  • Licensing of tools and technologies
    In certain cases, we also use specialized tools and technologies to support our services.
  • Seminar, keynotes, presentations, and coaching
    We like to share our knowledge! Let us inspire you through keynotes, inform you through presentations, educate you through seminars, or accompany you through coaching.
  • Strategic collaborations on key topics
    We will be happy to support you also in the long term regarding your key topics and to become your partner who permanently contributes to innovations and ensures that you have access to the latest results from research.

We support you!

As a strong partner at your side, we work with you to solve your greatest challenges in software and systems engineering and in innovation engineering, and together we will lead your company to a successful digital future!


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