Data-driven business model with Data & Analytics

Make informed decisions and optimize processes by analyzing your data. Strengthen your business with Data Science and AI.

What are the benefits of Data & Analytics for data driven business model?

Data and its analysis are an important factor for the future-proof alignment of companies in our data-driven world.

  • Data analytics allows you to apply statistical methods and algorithms to systematically collect, process, analyze, and interpret data.
  • In combination with Data Science, it is possible to efficiently extract and visualize patterns, trends, correlations, and valuable insights from large and complex data sets that would otherwise remain hidden.
  • The results from these analyses, which are based on data and facts, serve as an aid to decision-making. They make it possible to identify weaknesses, optimize processes, make predictions, and measure success.
  • Data analytics also allows leveraging data and linking data in a meaningful way so that innovations can be fostered and competitive advantages are created.

Data Analytics and Data Science lead to sustainable success in a data driven business model, whether through the use of conventional data analysis or state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence.

We help you find the right approach for your company.

Data & Analytics: Das Potenzial Ihrer Daten nutzen

Data & Analytics create new possibilities: Exploit the potential of your data!

Companies are already collecting a lot of data. However, exploiting its potential is often a challenge. With our many years of experience in the field of Data & Analytics, we can help you undergo the digital transformation process. We use proven tools and methods to work with you to identify meaningful application scenarios, systematically analyze your data, and derive information from it or use it as part of a data-driven solution.

Our Data Analytics services:

  • Identifying the right steps for digital transformation
  • Developing a data-driven strategy for your transformation project or your business model
  • Identifying and operationalizing data-driven business cases
  • Analytics as a Service
  • First-hand know-how regarding data science, including Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence methods

Data science is revolutionizing the way you conduct business

With the increasing advances in software technologies such as autonomous driving, Industry 4.0, Internet of Things, and Big Data, the field of Data Science has come into focus. With its ability to process huge data sets, data science has a major impact on numerous business areas, including healthcare, manufacturing and industrial operations, energy and environment, agriculture and food, cyber security, as well as finances, transport and logistics, retail and e-commerce. 

Our data science experts help you make informed decisions and improve your processes by analyzing your data. Using Machine Learning algorithms, we uncover patterns and trends that will help you grow and become more efficient. Regardless of whether the aim is to improve product quality, implement predictive maintenance, or efficiently manage your processes – with our data science services, you can stay one step ahead of the competition. Because thanks to data analytics and data science, you can make accurate predictions and achieve long-term success.

With our expertise in data analytics and our focus on data quality, we ensure that your data is accurate, reliable, and actionable, and that the insights gained are both relevant and meaningful.

How can you transform your business model?

Data science plays a critical role in transforming traditional business models into data-driven models that enable you to make data-driven decisions and improve your operations.

Our data engineers, data analysts, and data scientists know how a company needs to be structured in order to overcome these challenges through systematic collection and intelligent analysis of data and information, adding value for its customers at the same time.

Using our empirical approach step by step to create a data driven business model:

  • Identify improvement targets
  • Collect data on the relevant processes
  • Uncover weak points
  • Initiate improvement measures and subsequently analyze their effects

Data driven business model: Our solutions for your company

We show you new ways to use data science and AI in a meaningful manner


Artificial Intelligence and sustainability

We know how important sustainability is for our future. That is why we are exploring ways to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make positive contributions. Whether AI for sustainability or sustainable AI – we believe that this technology has the potential to change the way we address the challenges facing our planet.

We help you create data-driven solutions to realize sustainability.


Predicting product lifespan

With predictive maintenance: Take the next step towards digital transformation. Analyzing your data enables you to schedule maintenance and replacement predictively, ensuring optimal performance and minimizing downtimes.

Improve your efficiency with predictive maintenance, lower your costs, and increase your customers’ satisfaction.


Trustworthy AI solutions

We help you develop trustworthy AI, i.e., solutions with Artificial Intelligence that are trustworthy and safe and comply with ethical guidelines.

With our competencies in the areas of data-driven solutions and safety, we offer expertise from both sides to ensure safe AI solutions.


AI-supported business models

We help you weigh the costs, benefits, and technical feasibility of data driven business models and make better business decisions.

We show you how to use AI in your business and how to expand your product portfolio by integrating Artificial Intelligence.


Uncertainty management

The goal of uncertainty management is to increase the reliability and robustness of AI models and to reduce potential AI risks. This is especially essential for safety-critical applications where the consequences of wrong predictions can be severe.

We want to minimize the uncertainty of AI systems by handling them in a transparent and reliable manner. Learn more about our “Uncertainty Wrapper”, for example.


Data-driven solutions

We support you in all phases of your digital transformation, e.g., in ideation, strategy development etc.


AI Innovation Labs

With our AI Innovation Labs, we use methods to systematically identify, implement, and evaluate AI use cases that demonstrate clear added value for your business.


Data collection methods

We support you in building concrete models from measurement data, e.g., in the areas of cost and effort estimation, defect management and prediction, productivity benchmarks, building your own quality models in accordance with ISO/IEC 25010, or on the topic of “technical debt”.

References in the area of data driven business models

Reference project: DEMETER H2020


The project DEMETER aims to make agriculture more efficient and more sustainable by helping farmers make decisions based on data & analytics.

Reference project: SATURN


Smart physicians’ portal for patients with an unclear disease to support physicians with traceable and transparent AI-based tentative diagnosis.

Reference project: PRO-OPT


In the project PRO-OPT, models of digital collaboration are being explored and evaluated, with a focus on data quality and data usage control.

Reference project: Gebr. Pfeiffer


Fraunhofer IESE supported Gebr. Pfeiffer in the development and implementation of intelligent algorithms for mill protection and predictive maintenance.

Reference project: ExamAI


In the project ExamAI, Fraunhofer IESE is collaborating with an interdisciplinary team to investigate what control and testing procedures for systems with AI could look like in the areas of industrial production and human resource management.

Reference project: IAV GmbH


In this bilateral technology transfer project, the “Uncertainty Wrapper” of Fraunhofer IESE was applied to an existing AI component together with IAV GmbH.

Continuing education in Data & Analytics

We share our know-how in the area of Data & Analytics with you!

Seminars in the area of Data & Analytics: Learn the right methods
Seminars in the area of Data & Analytics: Learn the right methods

Our seminars for data scientists help to unlock the full potential of Data & Analytics. We show you how to develop safe AI solutions and introduce you to topics such as data potential analysis and uncertainty management of AI.

With our trainings, you will gain the knowledge and skills to drive your business forward.


Certified Data Scientist | Basic Level

In cooperation with the Fraunhofer Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Alliance

Data Scientist Basic


Certified Data Scientist | specialized in Safety Assurance for Artificial Intelligence

AI Safety – with safety engineering to safe AI

Data Scientist Safe AI


Further seminars offered on request

We help you find the right approach for your data driven business model with Data & Analytics.


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