Information Security

Informed, self-determined, and secure in the digital world.

What is information security?

Information security is of great importance wherever sensitive data is stored, processed, or passed on. Information security therefore refers to the protection of sensitive data or systems from unauthorized access, manipulation, or loss. The aim is to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information.

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Information security protection goals

  • Confidentiality: Data and information are only accessible to authorized persons.
  • Integrity: Data and information are protected against unauthorized changes.
  • Availability: Data and information can be retrieved and are not lost.


Information security in companies

For companies and organizations, measures to prevent security incidents and meet legal requirements are relevant. By implementing security measures such as encryption, access control, and training, companies can protect their data from cyberattacks and data breaches. 

Challenges for companies

Challenges frequently arise in the development, implementation, and review of information security concepts, such as:

  • Incomplete knowledge of laws, standards, and individual protection requirements
  • Tensions between information security and economic feasibility
  • Lack of trust in digital business models
  • Exposure of sensitive data in networked systems
  • Insecurity regarding GDPR-compliant implementation
  • High effort for carrying out and verifying security and compliance checks

Security measures and solution approaches

We develop and offer methods and tools to ensure secure data exchange and trading. In terms of information security, we address both data protection and IT security.

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Cloud security: training sessions in our learning lab

We offer training and further education in the field of secure cloud computing, with a focus on common standards, best practices, pen testing, and usable security.

Security in the use of Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence is currently a hot topic. In this context, the security of AI systems against manipulation is essential. In addition, it is particularly important in AI systems to guarantee issues such as transparency, explainability, etc.  


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Combining protection and security

Safety-Security Co-Engineering

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We support and train our partners in the implementation of the new ISO/SAE 21434 “Road vehicles — Cyber Security Engineering” standard.

We also provide support in integrating cyber security engineering with safety engineering in accordance with the companion standard ISO 26262 “Road vehicles — Functional safety”, for example on the basis of “System-Theoretic Process Analysis” (STPA).


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