Our Competence: System and Software Architecture

Software architecture is the key to success

From embedded systems, information systems, multi-variant system families, distributed applications with mobile devices, cloud services, software platforms, IoT applications, Big Data systems, or so-called smart ecosystems that integrate data and services across company boundaries – the same applies to all of them: Only those who know the software architecture of their systems and master the complexity if their software systems via the architecture can achieve the set business goals and the desired quality properties – and do so reliably, effectively, and efficiently. It is important to note that the architecture is not an end in itself or just a piece of necessary documentation. On the contrary: the software architecture is an investment in planning, design, predictions, communication, and control that pays off when business and technical decisions can be made on a sound basis and the right software system can be built properly and future-proof

What we offer:

  • We integrate and improve numerous existing approaches from research and leading IT companies and make them pragmatically usable and scalable for practical use.
  • We support you in the development of innovative systems and software architectures, the modernization and migration of legacy systems, the evaluation and testing of trends and technologies, and the evaluation of architectures to answer a wide range of questions.
  • We support you in evaluating and incrementally improving your architecture methodology.

Our focal areas in Software Architecture


Architecture Evaluation

Regardless of whether the issue is a technology decision, the prediction of quality properties, or an assessment of the expected further development costs: An architecture evaluation provides useful facts and insights.


Architecture Construction

A suitable architecture construction aims at clearly defined qualities and avoids unnecessary and costly misdevelopments.


Architecture Modernization and Optimization

We help you improve your architecture while also taking into account changed business models and new interaction concepts.

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Fraunhofer webinars on architecture and modeling

Do you lose track of your system? Do you find it difficult to communicate about your system in project teams? Do you want to achieve the desired quality of your system reliably, efficiently, and efficiently?

Then take a look at our free webinar series “Architecture and Modeling”.



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