Presence Training

Architecture Modeling with NAF4.0 and ADMBw

18.04.2023 (Tu) – 20.04.2023 (Th)

This course is designed to help gain an understanding of the Armed Forces Architecture Data Model (ADMBw), as well as an overview of the use of architecture models in the Armed Forces (Bw), and the relevant fundamentals of the NATO Architecture Framework (NAF).


Presence Training

Software Architecture



24.04. (Mo) – 26.04.2023 (We) 

Architectures are the decisive factor for success in the development and evolution of software systems. Architectures define building plans via the characteristics, the behavior, and the structure of the software.


Presence training

Systems and Software Product Line Engineering

09.05. (Tu) – 11.05.2023 (Th)

You want to make your systems engineering and software development faster, cheaper, and better? Benefit from the expertise of Fraunhofer IESE.


Workshop 2022

DREAMS – Dynamic Risk managEment for AutonoMous Systems

Data Scientist

Data Scientist Basic Level (certified)

Software Engineering for Embedded Systems

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Industrie 4.0 – Concepts and Solutions


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Analyzing the Potential of Big Data


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Technology Evaluation using Empirical Methods


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Cost Estimation, Benchmarking, and Risk Assessment


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Software Development Processes


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Defect Management and Prediction


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Product and Process Measurement


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Virtual Prototyping with SystemC


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Aligning Organizations through Strategic Measurement