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Digital Conference - TRUSTinAI

The hybrid conference TRUSTinAI will be launched in the AI hotspot Kaiserslautern/Germany. Lectures and sessions on site and international contributions will be streamed live to particpants worldwide.

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Why the future needs digitization

Fraunhofer IESE relies on autonomous systems, the digitalization of business models in the context of Digital Ecoystems, Industrie 4.0, and Smart Farming. Browse our new annual report ePaper now!

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Fraunhofer lighthouse project “Cognitive Agriculture”

Development of a comprehensive information-based ecosystem for the agricultural sector

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The Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering IESE

Our Vision: A better life, sustainability, and economic success through dependable digital ecosystems

For more than 20 years, we as Fraunhofer IESE have been one of the leading research institutes in the area of software and systems engineering methods. With our applied research, we develop innovative solutions for the design of dependable digital ecosystems. With these, we want to accelerate the economic and social benefits for our customers.

Fraunhofer IESE focuses on topics such as “Autonomous Systems”, “Industrie 4.0”, or “Smart Farming”. In addition, we develop digital solutions for rural and urban areas. We have transferred cutting-edge research into sustainable business practices in more than 1,500 customer projects already. We will also gladly contribute our competencies in the areas of Processes, Architecture, Data, Security, Safety, Requirements Engineering, and User Experience to your project. Get in touch with us!

Fraunhofer IESE – Trending Topics


Autonomous Systems

Autonomous systems have enormous potential to contribute decisively to the solution of the current ecological, social, and economic challenges.


Digital Twin

Thanks to enabling end-to-end digitalization, Digital Twins open up numerous possibilities. Discover with Fraunhofer IESE the digital Potential!


Industry 4.0

The efficient adaptability of production processes ensures your future in manufacturing. industries.


Digital Ecosystems / Smart Ecosystems

Networking – the cross-domain megatrend for software and systems – is the challenge for software engineering in the future.


Smart Farming

Highly efficient and sustainable – Fraunhofer IESE is making agriculture fit for the future!


Smart Rural Areas

Making life in rural areas worth living in the future is our joint responsibility in government, research, business, and society.


Big Data

Big Data – safely use the data potential of an infinitely large wealth of data.

In Focus - News from Fraunhofer IESE


Smart Farming on our Blog / 6.10.2020

Survey Results:
Data sovereignty in agriculture

Digital Twins as a new solution for agriculture: In digital agriculture, the across-the-board exchange of data and services is still a major problem. We therefore propose placing a fundamentally new concept over existing data standards and formats without abolishing these: Digital Twins make this possible.


ATZelektronik 2020/11

Modern Memory Architectures

for High-performance Infotainment Systems and Autonomous Driving



How to make Industrie 4.0 easy

With the BaSyx middleware production environments can be digitalized and Industrie 4.0 can be implemented easily.

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In the context of the precautionary measures regarding the spread of Covid-19, we have decided to only receive external visitors in our institute building (Fraunhofer-Platz 1 in Kaiserslautern) with prior registration.


Please register your visit at least 2 days in advance with your IESE contact person.


Current information on postponed trade fairs and conferences can be found on our event page.

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