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Digital Ecosystems have great potential

What opportunities do Digital Ecosystems offer to your company? Seize your opportunity now – we will join forces with you!

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25 Years of
Fraunhofer IESE

Travel with us to the past, but above all to the digital future!

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The Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering IESE

Our Vision: A better life, sustainability, and economic success through dependable digital ecosystems

For exactly 25 years now, we as Fraunhofer IESE have been one of the leading research institutes in the area of software and systems engineering methods. With our applied research, we develop innovative solutions for the design of dependable digital ecosystems. With these, we want to accelerate the economic and social benefits for our customers.

We support companies in mastering challenges in the areas of “Autonomous Systems”, “Industrie 4.0”, “Smart Farming”, and “Digital Healthcare”, and offer digital solutions for rural and urban areas. In over 2,000 customer projects, we have already transferred cutting-edge research into sustainable business practices, with our current focus topics being “Dependable AI”, “Digital Ecosystems”, “Virtual Engineering”, and “System Modernization”. Get in touch with us!

Our current anniversary year also has the motto “Engineering the Digital Future” – and how state-of-the-art software and systems engineering technologies can facilitate the path to the digital future. Travel with us to the past, but above all to the digital future!


Autonomous Systems

Autonomous systems have enormous potential to contribute decisively to the solution of the current ecological, social, and economic challenges.


Industry 4.0

The efficient adaptability of production processes ensures your future in manufacturing. industries.


Digital Twin

Thanks to enabling end-to-end digitalization, Digital Twins open up numerous possibilities. Discover with Fraunhofer IESE the digital Potential!


Smart Farming

Highly efficient and sustainable – Fraunhofer IESE is making agriculture fit for the future!


Smart Rural Areas

Making life in rural areas worth living in the future is our joint responsibility in government, research, business, and society.


Big Data

Big Data – safely use the data potential of an infinitely large wealth of data.

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IESE-Blog (Part 2)

Focusing on Change Point Detection in Time Series Analysis  

In time series, a change point demonstrates an abrupt change. We demonstrate how to effectively conduct change point detection.



Time traveling with data science: Focusing on time series analysis

Time traveling with data science: In part one of our new blog series we provide you an introduction to time series analysis.


New York Times // 07/2021

How Germany Hopes to Get the Edge in Driverless Technology

A new law allows autonomous vehicles in everyday use and provides legal consistency lacking in the United States.


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