Annual Report 2020/2021: Engineering the Digital Future

25 years of shaping the digital future – with software, systems and innovation engineering

With this anniversary edition of our annual report, we cordially invite you to look back with us and review the exciting development of Fraunhofer IESE. But above all, let us look ahead, because we always have the future firmly in sight with our applied research!

When IESE was founded in the 1990s, the institute’s focus was on software engineering, and also on the topic of software processes. After that, requirements shifted successively, because there was a return to more technology-oriented issues. Today, we primarily deal with very large, networked systems that can no longer be assigned unambiguously to one discipline. And networking is a central component of the digital transformation. In addition, innovation engineering [in German only] is taking on a whole new significance, because our customers‘ requirements are also becoming more and more complex, which means that we first conduct creativity workshops with companies to determine where the problems lie and what challenges exist. Always keeping in mind the goal of putting together an optimal service package and making the customer fit for their digital future!

Of course, it is impossible for a single institute to address the large complex of topics encompassed by “systems engineering” – with novel technologies and novel business process and cutting across a multitude of disciplines – in a satisfactory manner. Therefore, we have set priorities based on our competencies. You can find more information about this by reading our annual report, by listening to our podcast “MORGEN DENKER” [in German only], or by browsing our detailed pages on our focus topics.

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