Our Competence: Data Analytics
for Data-driven Solutions and Business Models

Data engineering and analytics lead to long-term success in data-driven solutions, be it classical data analytics, Big Data, or Artificial Intelligence.

Autonomous driving, Industry 4.0, Internet of Things, and Big Data represent innovations that are empowered by software. The digital transformation leads to new challenges that must be mastered with regard to the development of data-driven solutions. Not only the technical processes, resp. the business processes, that are controlled in this manner are becoming more complex: Systems are also increasingly interconnected in networks in order to offer customers added value compared to stand-alone solutions. The digital transformation and system integration also result in the creation of completely new business models – for example based on Big Data Analytics for so-called data-driven business models.

Data engineers and data analysts know how an organization needs to be set up in order to be able to address these challenges through systematic elicitation and smart analysis of data and information while creating value for its customers.

We pursue an empirical approach where we:

  • Identify improvement goals
  • Collect data about the corresponding processes
  • Identify weak points
  • Initiate improvement measures and subsequently analyze their effects 

This is what Fraunhofer IESE offers you in the area of Data Analytics:

  • Identification of the right steps towards the digital transformation
  • Development of a data-driven strategy for your transformation project or your business model
  • Identification and operationalization of data-driven business cases
  • Analytics as a Service
  • First-hand knowledge of data science, including Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence methods

We have many years of experience as well as the competencies and proven tools to help you identify usage scenarios that make sense, to systematically analyze your data, and to derive information from them or use them in the context of a data-driven solution.

Exploiting the Potential of Big Data

Data Elicitation Methods

Our focal areas


Data-driven solutions

We help you to weigh the costs and benefits of data-driven solutions and to expand your product portfolio accordingly.

Predicting the remaining useful life of your product

We help you to take the next steps towards the digital transformation.


We help you to build data-driven solutions to realize sustainability, e.g., in the agricultural domain.

Solutions for the use of Artificial Intelligence

We help you to develop trustworthy AI solutions; i.e., solutions that are safe and comply with ethical guidelines.

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Data-driven solutions

  • Depending on your starting point, we support you in all phases of your digital transformation, e.g., ideation, strategy development, and operationalization. 
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Trustworthy AI solutions

  • With our competencies in data-driven solutions and safety, we provide you with expertise from both sides to ensure safe solutions with AI inside.
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Selected projects


Reference project: International Data Spaces

Data exchange across company boundaries

In the research projects on International Data Spaces, Fraunhofer IESE is working together with other Fraunhofer Institutes to develop solutions for the sovereign and thus self-determined exchange of data across company boundaries.


Reference project: ExamAI

Control and testing procedures for AI systems

In the publicly funded project ExamAI, Fraunhofer IESE is collaborating with an interdisciplinary team to investigate what control and testing procedures for systems with Artificial Intelligence could look like in the areas of industrial production and human resource management.

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