Seminar: Aligning Organizations through Strategic Measurement

In today’s competitive markets, an organization must be able to establish well-suited goals and strategies, connect and communicate them to assure that all parts of the organization are working in the same direction, recognize when goals or strategies need to be changed, and understand the effects of those changes.

GQM+Strategies® is an approach for aligning organizations through strategic measurement. It enables an organization to consistently align goals and strategies across different units, make informed decisions based on measurement, transparently communicate goals and strategies within the organization, and objectively monitor goal attainment and the success/failure of the defined strategies.

The approach was originally developed for organizations with a strong focus on IT and the development of software-enabled systems, but its basic principles are generic and can be applied to any organization.

Goal of the seminar

This seminar presents the basic concepts and gives operational guidelines for implementing the approach. The approach is illustrated using a comprehensive application example and several real-life industrial cases.

This seminar is aimed at organizational leaders, managers, decision makers, and other professionals interested in strategic measurement.

Content of the seminar

Goal-oriented Measurement

  • Introduction and Motivation
  • Principles of Measurement (e.g., ISO/IEC 15939 and ISO/IEC 25010)
  • Goal-Oriented Measurement (GQM)

Exercise: Definition of Measurement Goals and GQM Abstraction Sheets

The GQM+Strategies® Approach

  • Building Alignment Grids
  • Improvement Cycles
  • Goal Definition
  • Strategy Derivation
  • Success Measurement
  • Comprehensive Example

Exercise: Definition of GQM+Strategies® Grids

Conclusions and Discussion

  • GQM+Strategies®: Pros and Cons
  • Cost of Alignment
  • Success Factors