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Data Scientist Basic Level (certified)

Course fees: 4,950 euros. The course fees are tax-exempt in accordance with Sec 4 No. 22a of the German VAT Tax Act. They comprise supporting documents (mainly in English), examination fee, and catering. Fraunhofer IESE is teaching the topic block Big Data Potential Analysis

Why are Data Scientists in such hot demand?

Interview with Dr. Andreas Jedlitschka, Department Head Data Science at Fraunhofer IESE

Interview: Data Scientist - In hot demand thanks to Big Data! with Dr. Andreas Jedlitschka
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Data Scientist - Interview with Dr. Andreas Jedlitschka

What characterizes a Data Scientist? What skills do data scientists need, and what tasks do they do? In an interview, we asked our expert Dr. Andreas Jedlitschka, Department Head Data Science at Fraunhofer IESE and a member of the Expert Committee on Data Science of the Personal Certification Body at the Fraunhofer Institute FIT, Sankt Augustin.


Read the interview on our Fraunhofer IESE-Blog

What does Paul Bocuse (French three-star-decorated chef) have to do
with Data Science?

Explanation of the data science process by author Julien Siebert

IESE blog -What has Paul Bocuse got to do with data science?, Fraunhofer IESE
IESE blog -What has Paul Bocuse got to do with data science?

Read on our blog how author Julien Siebert explains that the data science process is lik a cook preparing a new menu. He draws comparisons with the ingredients (data), some preexisting intuition (domain and technical/professional expertise), and the right equipment (tools). 

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