Data Scientist

Become a Data Scientist – certified and highly sought after!

More and more organizations are realizing the potential of the huge amounts of data available today. This is why there is enormous demand for Data Scientists with special competencies. They are true artist when it comes to packaging and analyzing data.

The Fraunhofer Big Data Alliance offers a three-level Data Scientist certification program. Currently, the first level, the basic certificate “Data Scientist Basic Level”, can be booked. This training will give you a wide range of knowledge to enable you to work efficiently as part of a Data Science Team.

You will learn:

  • How business developers unlock the potential of Big Data in their organizations
  • How data engineers describe and integrate data
  • How analysts use machine learning to recognize patterns and trends, and
  • How software engineers use modern databases and distributed calculation methods to develop robust and scalable Big Data systems.

In the context of the qualification program for “Data Scientist Basic Level”, Fraunhofer IESE teaches the topic area Potential Analysis for Big Data.

Further information and registration: