Big Data as an opportunity for new, innovative business ideas

Measurement data and performance indicators help to bring transparency to one’s own workflows and to objectively assess improvement measures. They form the basis for early assessment of development processes and artifacts originating from these (such as requirements, architecture, code, or test cases) with regard to costs, time, and quality, and make it possible to initiate corresponding countermeasures. For, as Tom DeMarco already said, “You can't control what you can't measure”.

Which data do I need, and which data can I do without? With our more than 20 years of experience in the area of software measurement, we help you use suitable methods and collect the right data.

What Fraunhofer IESE offers you for data collection and data analysis:

  • Over the years, many organizations have ended up with graveyards of data that is not being used, or with insular solutions consisting of incoherently collected data. This is also an area where we can help with our GQM+Strategies® approach to bring order to the existing hell of performance indicators.
  • In addition, we support you specifically in building models from measurement data, e.g., in the areas of cost and effort estimation, defect management and prediction, productivity benchmarks, establishment of your own quality models in accordance with ISO/IEC 25010, or on the topic of “technical debt”.
  • You are welcome to use our broad tool infrastructure and our data collection methods (e.g., in the area of static code analysis) or data analysis and data interpretation.