Economy and Society in Transition

Economy and Society in Transition We work and research on future topics and key technologies of tomorrow.

Future-oriented and practical: We implement insights from science into practice in a realistic manner.
In line with today's megatrends, we focus on particularly important issues that impact people.


Considering ecological, economic, and social aspects, we take responsibility and promote sustainable development with digital solutions.


Digital Health

With software-based innovations, we shape Pharma 4.0 and the medicine of the future.


Smart City

We are convinced that added value for humanity must be at the center of the Smart City. Innovative technologies are the key to achieving this goal of sustainable urban development.


Industrie 4.0

We have created software and systems that enable companies to individually harness the potential of digitization and Industry 4.0.


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is present in many systems today. We specialize in securing the technology in critical areas.


Autonomous Driving

We develop innovative security concepts and bring a digital "Safety Engineer" on board to make automated driving safer.


Digital Transformation

The digital transformation is revolutionizing all aspects of life. With innovations and new technologies, we shape the digital future.


Safety And Security

In a connected and digitized world, the need for protection is increasing. We implement this based on needs and combine our engineering disciplines “Safety” with “Security.”




Smart Farming

We support Agriculture 4.0, because digital solutions help agriculture to be optimally equipped for the future.