Our Solutions for Software in Automotive
and Commercial Vehicles

Software drives innovation in more and more products, making it an indispensable part of engineering. Using the right methods and technologies is crucial for high-quality products and efficient, lean processes.

We support organizations in designing development processes based upon established standards (i.e., ISO/IEC 12207, IEC 61508), and in using software process maturity models (i.e., ISO/IEC 15504, Automotive SPICE, CMMi).

A central aspect of our customer activities is the quality assurance of software systems and components. From the evaluation of current development activities via variation management to the maintenance of legacy systems: we have a solution that will give you an objective assessment and concrete measures.

Current hot topics, such as the anticipation of the ISO 26262 safety standard, test automation of x-in-the-loop tests, or process optimization for the lean development of your processes are tailored and integrated into your organization by Fraunhofer IESE’s experts.
Quality assessments of products and processes are performed according to the state of the art in an independent, cost-efficient manner.

We offer individual and customized services based upon our competencies:

Please contact us. We are eager to discuss your individual challenges with you and sketch a solution based on our competencies. We offer:

  • Trainings, workshops, coaching
  • Independent quality analyses and assessments
  • Controlled introduction and transfer of new technology
  • Customer-specific process and tool consulting, empirical validation
  • (Co-)Development of architectures and innovative prototypes

Featured Projects


Bosch: Safety Considerations for a Cloud Service for automated driving


Caruso Dataplace

With the support of Fraunhofer IESE, Caruso GmbH has developed its open and neutral data and service marketplace for the automotive aftermarket.


John Deere: Using Architecture for Agile Software Development

In their transition to agile development methods, John Deere ISG (Intelligent Solutions Group) was supported by Fraunhofer IESE experts in using architecture principles in such a way that communication across sites was improved in order to develop a joint vision of the software architecture and firmly establish it in the development process.


Autonomous Driving

In the area of autonomous driving, providers of automotive solutions are facing major challenges, as the complexity and the resource requirements of the systems used continue to increase enormously. Robert Bosch GmbH also needs to address many challenges in the development of functions for highly automated and autonomous driving.


Hitachi: Safety engineering for autonomous driving systems

Safety-critical systems need to be implemented according to safety standards. Such standards do not yet exist for the envisioned vehicles of higher automation levels.


Strategic Variation Management

Knorr-Bremse recognized the impending challenges posed by rising complexity and increasing certification requirements early on and collaborated with Fraunhofer IESE in developing a more sustainable reuse approach.  


CRYSTAL: Critical System Engineering Acceleration

The process of developing, governing, and operating modern safety-critical embedded systems is highly complex and requires specialized tools supporting different activities throughout the entire product lifecycle.


EMC² – SAFE Team Work in open Systems

Thanks to multi-core CPUs, the newest generations of embedded systems are able to manage highly complex tasks at comparatively low costs. Self-contained systems are turning into open systems – so-called »Smart Ecosystems« –, which have to act dependably in every situation.

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