Risk and cost minimization through suitable software architecture

Technology decision, prediction of quality properties, or assessment of the expected evolution costs: An architecture evaluation provides helpful facts and insights. There are many good reasons and points in time for evaluating an architecture. Such an evaluation can help to prepare decisions and back them up with facts; problems can be recognized and eliminated early on; risks and resulting high costs can be avoided. An architecture evaluation provides answers to the following questions: How well have the stakeholders’ requirements been understood and implemented? How well are the solution concepts and design decisions of the architecture suited to adequately address the requirements? And how compliant is the implementation with the solution concepts of the architecture?

What is important for the selection of the methodology and for the effort spent on an architecture evaluation is the confidence level required for the evaluation results. In this regard, you can rely on our tools for model-based predictions, simulations, and architecture compliance checking. We also accompany and support the development of prototypes.

Our Tool FERAL


FERAL simulates the effects of architecture decisions. Architecture decisions are strategic decisions and have a massive impact on the structure of the system. They should hence be made on the basis of facts. With FERAL, we create architecture prototypes of embedded systems and Smart Ecosystems, simulate the effects of decisions on the system level, check early on whether new ideas can be implemented efficiently, and ensure that the right things are implemented correctly.



Customer Statement

“In the  context of the selection process for the replacement of an operative system, Fraunhofer IESE accompanied the conceptual phase of system development. Future-oriented technical realization possibilities were analyzed and a neutral evaluation of the existing product was performed in accordance with our requirements. The performance was impressive, as a solid basis for how to proceed further could be created on a very professional level within the shortest amount of time. We thank Fraunhofer IESE for this successful collaboration!”

Michael Nachtigäller, Deutsche Lufthansa AG
Robert Bade, Lufthansa Cargo



Selected projects



FibuNet GmbH

In this project, Fraunhofer IESE evaluated for FibuNet GmbH whether the planned replacement of the central data management system of their financial accounting software can be performed with acceptable risk.

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