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Fraunhofer IESE bridges the gap between the research lab and the industry and application domain.

Software and digitalization are driving innovation and development in all industries. Thus, we are happy to support you, no matter in which domain you are active. In most cases, there are industry-specific challenges and constraints to consider, which we address with appropriate domain know-how. That is why we have specifically bundled our services for you here.


Agriculture & Food

Fraunhofer IESE promotes the digitization of agriculture with the use of software-based solutions. We support you in successfully integrating the concept of Agriculture 4.0 into agricultural practice.


Automotive & Mobility

Are you looking for a partner for your Automotive project? In the Automotive and Commercial Vehicle industry, Fraunhofer IESE supports companies with analyses and innovative software engineering solutions.


Digital Business

In digital business, exceptional customer experiences are created through digital transformation. Digital business models replace the traditional core business by adapting or realigning it. An ideal combination of physical and digital resources opens up completely new opportunities for companies. Innovation in Digital Business is therefore reflected in products and processes.



Do you want to further develop and optimize your production, technologies, processes, or products through software-based and digital innovations and align them with Industrie 4.0? Then Fraunhofer IESE is the first point of contact for industrial manufacturing companies, machine and plant manufacturers, software producers, system integrators, and engineering service providers.


Digitalization in rural areas

Smart City & Smart Region

  • Making life in rural areas fit for the future
  • Task for government, research, business, and society
  • Treading new and innovative paths

Fraunhofer IESE sees itself as a pioneer of future-oriented ideas


Digital Healthcare

The digital transformation in health care does not only present challenges, but also offers entirely new opportunities. Fraunhofer IESE shows you how to benefit from digitalization.

Reference Projects of Fraunhofer IESE

  • European education project for the promotion of digital skills

    Industry: Digital Business  / February 16, 2024

    Gitternetz, Kugeln, Licht, Schwarz-Weiß
    © iStock.com/fpm

    In the project EURIDICE, Fraunhofer IESE is developing knowledge content on Digital Ecosystems and, together with European universities, start-ups, and research institutions, is building a network for the exchange of knowledge content on digital technologies.

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  • Making individualized medicine affordable through digitalization

    Industry: Medicine and Health  / November 09, 2023

    Automated production technologies for mRNA -based drugs, Fraunhofer IESE
    © Ekaterina_1525 - stock.adobe.com / Fraunhofer IZI / Alernon77 - stock.adobe.com / CoreDESIGN - stock.adobe.com / Fraunhofer IZI

    In the lighthouse project “RNAuto”, seven Fraunhofer Institutes are collaborating to develop automated production technologies for mRNA-based medicinal products. The consortium bundles interdisciplinary competencies from the fields of medicine, biology, and engineering sciences.

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  • Assuring the safety of autonomous systems with safety engineering

    Industry: Automotive & Mobility, Commercial Vehicles / November 03, 2023

    Referenzprojekt: Lopaas, Fraunhofer IESE
    © iStock.com/oonal

    In the new ICON research project “LOPAAS” (Layers of Protection Architecture for Autonomous Systems), Fraunhofer IESE is collaborating with Fraunhofer IKS and the University of York in England in the Assuring Autonomy International Programme (AAIP) to develop an approach to assuring the safety of autonomous systems and, in particular, autonomous vehicles.

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  • New memory systems for autonomous driving

    Industry: Automotive & Mobility / August 01, 2023

    Referenzprojekt: Memtonomy 2, Fraunhofer IESE
    © iStock.com/nadla

    In the publicly funded project Memtonomy-2, Fraunhofer IESE is collaborating with project partners from industry and research on new memory systems for autonomous driving.

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  • For a sustainable society with smart mobility solutions

    Industry: Automotive & Mobility / July 26, 2023

    Referenzprojekt: EcoMobility, Fraunhofer IESE
    © iStock.com/Danila Shtantsov

    In the European sustainability project “EcoMobility”, Fraunhofer IESE is conducting research together with project partners from nine different countries on smart mobility solutions for sustainable road traffic of the future.

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  • © iStock.com/Muharrem_huner; iStock.com/Artis777; Fraunhofer IESE

    In the public project KickStartTrustee, which is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research BMBF, Fraunhofer IESE bundles the competencies of several working groups to develop a framework aimed at supporting and simplifying the establishment of data trustees.

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  • Support for Continuous Software Engineering Activities

    Industry: Digital Farming, Automotive / July 03, 2023

    Referenzprojekt: Balanced Engineering, Fraunhofer IESE
    © iStock.com/gorodenkoff

    Fraunhofer IESE and Balanced Engineering are supporting off-road and maritime vehicle manufacturers in incorporating modern software development practices into the development of their products.

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