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The goal of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is to introduce research results into industrial usage in a sustainable manner. The five business areas of Fraunhofer IESE build the bridge from scientific research to industry and application domains. For specific information concerning the business areas please address the relating contact person.


Automation and Plant Engineering

Fraunhofer IESE supports its customers in developing software in a modern and engineering-style manner. This starts with the design of development processes and solid requirements management, includes well-founded safety concepts and analyses, and extends all the way to the automatic testing of software.


Automotive and Transportation Systems

Fraunhofer IESE supports its customers from the domains vehicle technology, rail, and aerospace in a comprehensive way with respect to their software development activities.


Health Care

Our health care system is currently undergoing dramatic changes. The demographic development, the scarcity of public funding concomitant with the increasing demand for health services, a rapidly developing information and communication technology, and last but not least, regulatory requirements stipulated by law create challenges for the system on various levels.


Information Systems

Information systems permeate our daily lives in many areas. Company-internal information systems, such as ERP, CRM, ICIS, accounting and billing systems, support and automate business processes and perform millions of transactions each day.

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