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Fraunhofer IESE bridges the gap between the research lab and the industry and application domain.

Software and digitalization are driving innovation and development in all industries. Thus, we are happy to support you, no matter in which domain you are active. In most cases, there are industry-specific challenges and constraints to consider, which we address with appropriate domain know-how. That is why we have specifically bundled our services for you here.



Do you want to further develop and optimize your production, technologies, processes, or products through software-based and digital innovations and align them with Industrie 4.0? Then Fraunhofer IESE is the first point of contact for industrial manufacturing companies, machine and plant manufacturers, software producers, system integrators, and engineering service providers.


Automotive & Mobility

Are you looking for a partner for your Automotive project? In the Automotive and Commercial Vehicle industry, Fraunhofer IESE supports companies with analyses and innovative software engineering solutions.


Digital Healthcare

The digital transformation in health care does not only present challenges, but also offers entirely new opportunities. Fraunhofer IESE shows you how to benefit from digitalization.


Software & Platform Business

Fraunhofer IESE supports you in the development and implementation of digital business models, from digital services via digital ecosystems to platforms for your digital business.

Reference Projects of Fraunhofer IESE

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  • Evaluation of shift-left test environments

    Industry: Automotive & Mobility / June 08, 2022

    © iStock.com/henrik5000

    Fraunhofer IESE supports ZF Friedrichshafen AG in the elicitation, analysis, and evaluation of technologies for the virtual testing of software-based system components in the automotive domain according to the innovative shift-left approach.

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  • More efficiency through dynamic risk management

    Industry: Autonomous Systems / May 01, 2022

    Mehr Effizienz durch dynamisches Risikomanagement, Fraunhofer IESE
    © iStock.com/zapp2photo

    Fraunhofer IESE supported Hitachi in the development and deployment of dynamic assurance mechanisms in the context of Smart Logistics in order to increase the efficiency of autonomous mobile robots in co-working spaces with humans while ensuring safety at the same time.

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  • The portal for nutrition, health, and enjoyment for the elderly

    Industry: Smart City & Smart Region / April 27, 2022

    Referenzprojekt: digital.vital, Fraunhofer IEse
    © i.Stock.com/gpointstudio

    Reference Projekt Digital Vital: In the project digital.vital, Fraunhofer IESE is responsible for the development of a portal for senior citizens that is intended to enable elderly people to live independent and active lives and remain engaged in society for a longer time.

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  • A digital platform for rural areas

    Industry: Smart City & Smart Region / January 18, 2022

    Digital Villages (“Digitale Dörfer“), Fraunhofer IESE
    © Fraunhofer IESE

    Reference Project Digital Villages (“Digitale Dörfer”) :In the “Digital Villages” project, Fraunhofer IESE and its partners investigated how digitalization opens up new opportunities for rural areas.

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  • System modernization as the first step
    towards Industrie 4.0

    Industry: Machine and Plant Engineering  / December 21, 2021

    Gewichte HPO
    © HÄFNER Präzisionsteile Oberrot

    HÄFNER Präzisionsteile Oberrot GmbH Success Story: In a BaSys satellite project with Fraunhofer IESE, HÄFNER Präzisionsteile Oberrot GmbH has developed a solution for the cross-company exchange of data in order to modernize their legacy system.

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