Do you want support in product development?

Business success through the application of engineering principles

Do ensure as early as possible that the desired user experience is achieved. We support you in this endeavor!

Relevance of user interfaces

The user interface is the only part of an interactive software system that the user is in direct contact with. From the customer’s perspective, it is even equated with the product. It thus contributes a lot to your user’s user experience. Fraunhofer IESE helps you to design interaction concepts that are suitable for your users.

Our approach

  • We accompany your product development from planning via characterization of the current product status or iterative product improvement to product introduction.
  • We design the interaction with the help of our model-based approach.
  • We discuss the use of special patterns for natural interaction that have been developed by us.
  • We implement the jointly developed interaction design as a prototype.  
  • We decide about the appropriate prototype depending on the situation and the type of product.
  • We use suitable UX patterns.
  • We use proven visual design patterns.
  • We develop individual style guides and guidelines to ensure that your future products will have high brand recognition value.