Your Challenges in User Experience

Systematic generation of innovation

  • Are our products inspiring and motivating?
  • Which product features are likely to raise positive feelings?
  • Can we provide User Experience qualities to our product?
  • What do paradigms like Usability or User Experience mean to us?

UX engineering during the development of a product

  • Does our user interface meet all user requirements?
  • How to prototype our interaction design?
  • How about using modern, natural interaction forms for our product?
  • Is there seamless communication between all persons involved in software development?

UX improvement of existing products

  • Which are the strengths and weaknesses of our user interface?
  • Does our product trigger the intended effects among our users?
  • How to leverage the full potential of our product?
  • What kind of evaluation (usability tests, expert evaluation, eye-tracking, etc.) can be applied in our case?

Integration of UX process into software development process

  • Is our development process well suited for the creation of positive UX products?
  • How to integrate new principles, techniques, methods, and tools into our development process?
  • How to move our business towards creating positive UX products?
  • How to adopt a UX process?