Our Services in User Experience

No two projects are alike. Our starting point is always your concrete context and your goals. We derive appropriate project goals and select the right services from our portfolio. Our services and our project approach are finally tailored to best fit your context and goals.

Out of the following key services, we arrange the optimal project approach for you.

Analysis of the User Experience Potential

Product extensions for user experience including usability, product features, and user needs optimally complement your product portfolio for new and existing products.

UX for Business Applications

Special workshop “KREA-FUN”, which identifies features that have an emotional effect on the product user, resolves tensions between business goals and user goals, and helps to generate suitable interaction ideas.

Expert Evaluation

Detailed listing of your product’s strengths and weaknesses in terms of UX, based on expert assessments and individual improvement suggestions; analysis of the compliance with the most important standards (e.g., ISO 13407, ISO 9241-11, ISO 9241-110, ISO 9241-210, ISO 14915) regarding UX, usability criteria and guidelines for user experience, and support in offering standard-compliant products.  

Customized Creativity Workshop

Generation of product ideas or product improvement ideas, regardless of whether you are developing stationary or mobile products; subsequent development of processes for implementing these ideas.

Model-Based Interaction Design

Generation of a suitable interaction design including an interaction concept, an interaction method, an appropriate input device and output device, media and modalities for your product and guarantee of seamless cooperation between all project stakeholders.

Natural User Interface 

Use of special patterns for natural interaction to ensure that your product will trigger increased UX among users and that intuitive usage will be possible; selection of suitable concepts of natural interaction, especially for the development of applications based on multi-touch and gesture control.


Selection of a suitable kind of prototyping depending on your current situation and your current product; performance of the prototyping process in order to maximize your success; selection of suitable design patterns; conception and generation of interaction design and visual design to achieve a significantly higher user experience; depending on the state of development and on the requirements, performance of horizontal prototyping, vertical prototyping, explorative prototyping, or evolutionary prototyping and implementation of a paper prototype, a mockup, a wireframe, and / or a functional prototype.

Usability Process Introduction

Integration of a usability process into your company and your software development process and adaptation of your company architecture; enhancement of your process, not a complete re-design or substitution.

UX and Usability Evaluation

User tests and studies of any size and with all available methods to assure the intended effects on the users of your product: application of field studies, laboratory studies, Wizard of Oz experiments, eye-tracking studies, usability walkthroughs, card sorting, wording tests, benchmark tests, thinking aloud, heuristic evaluation.