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The architecture of long-lived systems knows no standstill. Successful software systems are always being modified. For a certain amount of time, this is often possible in the context of the defined architecture or with minor architecture adaptations. Sooner or later, however, the time always comes when major changes are necessary. An evaluation of the extent of architecture adaptations is very important, and sometimes the issue even arises whether a new development might not be the better choice.

Fraunhofer ACES


Fraunhofer ACES combines methods from the areas of architecture evaluation and architecture construction to make your systems fit for the future. We put a lot of emphasis on a holistic approach that also takes into account changed business models and requirements, new interaction designs, and sound quality assurance.

Customer Statement


“The collaboration with Fraunhofer IESE has made the strengths of the FibuNet software development explicit in a measurable form and has shown us where our architecture still has potential for improvement. We will systematically exploit this potential in order to validate the current quality characteristics and further increase the efficiency of the new FibuNet version. It is fun to collaborate with the IESE professionals on an equal footing.”

Ralf Graap, Dipl.-Informatiker und Geschäftsführer Technik der FibuNet GmbH

Selected projects



FibuNet GmbH

Fraunhofer IESE supported FibuNet GmbH in the migration of its application to the web with a user experience and architecture concept as well as with the assessment and selection of a suitable web technology.

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