Informational self-determination through data filtering and masking with "MY DATA Control Technologies"

"MY DATA Control Technologies" is a technical solution for the implementation of data sovereignty that represents a crucial building block for informational self-determination. "MY DATA Control Technologies" is based on IND²UCE research results and makes these usable in practice. It allows fine-grained masking and filtering of data flows at interfaces (APIs), for example to anonymize data. Compared to traditional access control systems, "MY DATA Control Technologies" can enforce partial filtering and masking of data, context- and situation-dependent restrictions, as well as limitations regarding the purpose of the usage. A central management interface offers things such as an editor for the creation and adaptation of policies at runtime. The ability to flexibly adapt data usage policies at any time ensures high maintainability and avoids unnecessary complexity during technical integration.


Core functionalities 

  • Data filtering and data masking of data usages
  • Dynamic adaptation of security policies at runtime
  • Can be extended with plugins to allow connection of external systems and to expand the filtering and masking functions
  • Comprehensive user interface for managing security policies and plugins

What does Fraunhofer IESE offer for your data sovereignty?

  • Technology for data filtering and masking, consisting of a Software Development Kit (SDK) and management software
  • Potential Analysis
  • Piloting
  • Developer support 
  • Easy data classification with our add-ins, Microsoft Office 2013 and up