Security Engineering

Securing the Digital Future

The department Security Engineering stands for IT security and data sovereignty for Digital Ecosystems. For this purpose, the department is divided into the competence areas “Cyber Security” and “Data Sovereignty”.

The competence area Cyber Security provides services related to the review and improvement of cyber security measures. This includes network-based penetration tests, IT security audits, and Red Team activities as part of the Fraunhofer Security Operations Center. In addition, this competence area addresses issues of secure software engineering (elicitation of security requirements, threat analyses, training) in order to ensure secure and reliable operation of software-intensive systems and platforms.

The competence area Data Sovereignty conducts research on concepts and technical solutions to ensure and implement end-to-end data usage control. The goal is to ensure informational self-determination and transparency in the use of data. In addition to research, this area is responsible for the software product MYDATA Control Technologies, which enables the technical implementation of data sovereignty.

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IT Security

We review, evaluate, and improve your company’s IT security neutrally and independently. 


Data Sovereignty

Informed and self-determined in the digital world