Establishment and further development of requirements engineering

Setting up or evolving a project that will be successful in the long term is one of the most difficult undertakings regarding requirements engineering altogether. On the one hand, concerns and resistance on the part of the stakeholders must usually be rebutted. On the other hand, a process must be defined that will be practicable for day-to-day work; otherwise, widespread usage will be hard to realize in practice.

We consider customization and effective work support to be the cornerstones needed to successfully entrench requirements engineering.

Starting from:

  • the elicitation and assessment of the status quo
  • the definition and piloting of a To-Be process
  • to individual training and provision of effective instruments
  • or tools

we cover the entire process of organizational change management in requirements engineering. All along, it is important for us not to get rid of everything that is familiar and proven to work.

This systematic and holistic approach has enabled us in recent years to accompany numerous organizations in setting up an improved requirements engineering process. The added value compared to standardized certification training is plain to see.

Find out more about how we can customize our approach for your needs!

References from the area of Requirements Engineering