Services from A-Z in the area of requirements engineering

Component-oriented Process Improvement

With our tried and tested ReqMan framework we help you perform a reliable self-assessment of the maturity of your requirements processes within a few hours and successfully initiate new solution approaches.

Integrated Requirements Processes

We consider requirements management as an integrative discipline. With our well-established approach “Satisfy”, we ensure integrated, systematic derivation and identification of requirements, starting with the superordinate business goals that you are pursuing with your products.

Business Process Analysis and Modeling

To develop modern information systems, it is indispensable to know the business processes in which they are used. Regardless of whether these are your own processes or the business processes of your customers: We support your organization in the systematic analysis, modeling, and optimization of business processes.

“Informed” Requirements Elicitation

We know the impact of existing solutions and architectures on new requirements, which is why we help your requirements engineers take this knowledge into account explicitly during elicitation and negotiation.

Integrated Business Process and Requirements Management

Through novel paradigms such as SOA or BPM, the integration of business and IT has reached a new dimension. We help you establish integrated business process and requirements management in order to optimally map your internal business processes in information systems.

Creativity Workshops / Innovation Workshops

Create ideas for new products and services or for the improvement of your business processes with the help of our tried and tested creativity techniques.

Objectivized Prioritization

We place the prioritization of your requirements on an objective basis. This allows you to select requirements not only on the basis of a gut feeling, but also with regard to their actual usefulness.

Perspective-based Requirements Processes and Documents

Every context is different and thus the prerequisites for the requirements process also differ. We analyze your underlying conditions and your need for information and then derive a process that is perfectly tailored to you.

Quality Requirements

With our proven process for the complete elicitation and specification of non-functional requirements, we make a contribution to ensuring that quality will become an integral part of your products.

Specification Reviews

We check your requirements documents (e.g., specification documents / requirements documents) on the basis of relevant standards and best practices and demonstrate feasible optimization options.


We will gladly provide training – both out-of-the-box in accordance with IREB and very individually according to your actual needs.

Stakeholder and Target Analysis

Do you really know all stakeholders? We find out who else is affected by a project and get these people involved. This is the only way to get a consistent picture of the goals to be achieved.

UML, EPK, BPMN, Use Cases, …

We are very familiar with the common notations for the specification and modeling of information systems and will gladly share our knowledge with you.


Requirements do not fall from the sky but rather result from a goal, a regulation, or a standard. We assist you in systematically correlating requirements, which makes it easier, among other things, to trace the impact of changes.