Requirements for Digital Transformation? One approach: Crowd-based Requirements Engineering (CrowdRE)

Partially Automated Analysis of Information from Large User Groups

Changed system landscapes and technological trends call for new approaches in requirements engineering. In areas such as Industry 4.0, Internet of Things, or Smart Ecosystems, networking is steadily increasing not only between hard- and software, but also among users. Classic requirements engineering methods hardly scale in this complex and vast context. Particularly when there is great pressure to innovate due to strong competition or due to the fast pace of change in a system, traditional approaches turn out to be too resource-intensive.

With “Crowd-based Requirements Engineering” (CrowdRE) we offer a unique approach for collecting and analyzing requirements -relevant information from large and heterogeneous user groups, frequently called the “crowd”, and other datasets in a semi-automated manner. As a result, you can understand by looking at customer evaluations which functions and qualities of your systems users like, like less, or still miss. In addition, you can also detect behavior patterns that allow you to find out more about the use of your systems.

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Groundbreaking keynote on CrowdRE

At the int. Workshop on Crowd-based Requirements Engineering 2019, Prof. Glinz put CrowdRE in an entirely different light.