CPSSE - Certified Professional for Secure Software Engineering

Course Goals and Contents

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Designing and building secure IT systems requires all elements of the system to be secure. Focusing solely on the security of the perimeter and of the infrastructure is not sufficient for dealing with the rapidly increasing attacks on data and information stored and processed by IT systems.

Nowadays, more and more security violations are caused by unsecure software systems, which is why secure software applications are urgently needed.

This course provides insights into the design, development, and testing of secure software systems.

The course will help the participants understand

  • Why secure software is needed so urgently
  • Why secure software development i soften neglected

This course will enable the participants to develop an understanding for the following aspects in this context:

  • What it means it unsecure software is deployed to customers
  • How important security is for the stakeholders of a software system

The CPSSE training teaches the basic concepts of the following topic areas:

  • Methodologies for secure software development
  • Requirements Engineering for secure software
  • Threat models
  • Secure design
  • Secure coding
  • Testing of security
  • Secure deployment
  • Security measures
  • Security metrics
  • Protection of code and resources