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Analyzing the Potential of Big Data

Nowadays, a variety of tool vendors and consultants are talking about “Big Data” or “Smart Data”. But what is behind these buzzwords and what is the potential of using big data for your organization?

This seminar supports you in systematically analyzing your needs and benefits from using big data in your organization prior to any investment in big data consultancy and tools. We will answer the following questions:

  • How can big data support you in achieving your goals?
  • What hidden data treasures are available in your organization?
  • How “big” is your data and how difficult is it to analyze it?
  • Which further investments in data quality are required?
  • What external data sources can enrich your data?
  • Do you have the right competencies for making use of big data?
  • What investments into your tool infrastructure are required?

Goal of the seminar

Throughout the seminar, we will present usage scenarios that show the potential offered by the use of big data analytics, such as optimization of business and organizational processes, better risk management and decision-making, improved understanding of your customers, or new product ideas. In hands-on exercises, you will reinforce your learning experience.This seminar presents the basic concepts and gives operational guidelines for implementing the approach. The approach is illustrated using a comprehensive application example and several real-life industrial cases.

Content of the seminar


  • Hidden Data Treasures
  • Big Data Usage Scenarios
  • Transforming Data into Information

The Big Picture of Potentials Analysis

  • Aligning Goals and Big Data Strategies
  • Narrowing Scope
  • Planning Big Data Potentials Analysis
  • Evaluating Data and Data Quality
  • Evaluating Infrastructure/Competencies
  • Evaluating Data Integration, Preparation, Analysis, and Visualization
  • Performing Potentials Analysis

Strategic Alignment

  • Identifying Business Goals/Processes
  • Developing Big Data Strategies
  • Aligning Goals and Strategies
  • Measuring Success/Failure

Data and Data Quality

  • Identifying Data Sources
  • Relevant Quality Characteristics
  • Evaluating Data/Information Quality
  • Quality Improvement Strategies

Infrastructure and Competencies

  • Big Data Reference Infrastructure
  • Evaluating Tool Infrastructure
  • Evaluating Staff Competencies

Data Integration, Preparation, Analysis, and Visualization

  • Linking/Integrating Data
  • Preparing Data for Analysis
  • Analyzing Data and Visualizing Results

Conclusions and Discussion

  • Takeaways
  • Success Factors

The workshop will take place from 5 participants.

Dates 2019
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