Emily Calvet

Emily Calvet has been a software developer in the Architecture-Centric Engineering department at Fraunhofer IESE since 2022. She specializes in frontend development and digital farming aspects. Emily holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and is on her way to finishing her Master's degree with a specialization in Software Architecture and Intelligent Systems at RPTU in Kaiserslautern, Germany. --- Emily Clavet ist seit 2022 Softwareentwicklerin in der Abteilung Architecture-Centric Engineering am Fraunhofer IESE. Sie ist spezialisiert auf Frontend-Entwicklung und Digital-Farming-Aspekte. Emily hat einen Bachelorabschluss in Informatik und macht gerade ihren Masterabschluss mit Spezialisierung im Bereich Softwarearchitektur und Intelligente Systeme an der RPTU in Kaiserslautern.

Watch Your Scrum!

Scrum is the most popular framework in software project management. However, introducing and operating Scrum isn’t always smooth. This article inspects a frequently overlooked problem area in Scrum: the relationship between team and management. Fraunhofer IESE as a leading research…