Our Divisions

Fraunhofer IESE Organizational Chart
Fraunhofer IESE Organizational Chart

The Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering consists of the three divisions Embedded Systems, Smart Digital Solutions, and Information Systems. The different areas can be seen in the organizational chart.

Embedded Systems

Hidden in transportation systems, medical devices, consumer goods, and almost all other technical products, embedded systems are performing essential tasks that make our daily lives safer and more comfortable. Every year, more than three billion embedded components and devices are manufactured, incorporating 98% percent of all microprocessors built. Embedded systems are comnipresent, and our modern economy and society would be unable to survive without them. The requirements regarding the reliability and functional safety of such systems are correspondingly high. Failures can rarely be tolerated – particularly when such failures might jeopardize people or the environment. At the same time, the systems are quickly becoming more complex, are highly interconnected, are developed in a distributed manner, and must also fulfill numerous, partly contradictory, functional and non-functional requirements at the same time. To  master this challenge, the division “Embedded Systems” focuses on innovative methods and techniques for the cost-efficient development of highly dependable and safe systems. The division is organized into three departments dedicated to “Systems Engineering”, “Software Engineering”, and “Embedded Systems Quality Assurance”.

Smart Digital Solutions

The digital transformation puts software and systems engineering at the heart of business and makes them the core of new, sometimes disruptive innovations that increasingly challenge established companies and success models.

Where previously disciplines and application areas could be clearly distinguished, we are currently experiencing a rapid fusion of products and services in the direction of digital ecosystems, which require a multidisciplinary approach. Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) promise completely new possibilities: from Smart Mobility to Industry 4.0. Across domains, business and technical processes increasingly depend on available data and software.

The division “Smart Digital Solutions” at Fraunhofer IESE deals with what concrete applications of digital innovations and intelligent solutions for tomorrow's digital society will look like and how they will evolve. Our focus is on how to transform AI-based solutions into products and services with guaranteed qualities (such as trustworthiness) and on the development of digital ecosystems for rural and urban areas.

You can find more information on “Smart Digital Solutions” here.

Information Systems

Modern business life has become inconceivable without secure and user-friendly systems and mobile applications. Billions of transactions are performed every single day. From ERP systems via CRM systems to online portals for various services such as online banking, social networks, eCommerce, and eGovernment – we offer you excellent know-how for your information systems. The Information Systems division develops innovative methods and solutions for the development of complex information systems and interactive systems. In order to offer immediate added value, we apply our methods directly during our customers’ product development and/ or transfer our methods and solutions to our customers. These include organizations that use software solutions for their business processes, e.g., from the banking and insurance sector or from the domain of medical IT systems, organizations from such areas as public administration and defense, as well as software-developing companies (both large corporations and SMEs).