Anniversary: 25 Years Fraunhofer IESE

Engineering the Digital Future since 1996

This year we are celebrating our 25-year anniversary Since our institute was founded, we have been researching and working with our partners on trend-setting key technologies – always keeping in mind the goal of strengthening the economy and providing added value for society.

Throughout the year, we will provide you with exciting highlights here – from our history to digital topics for the future.

Because with our topics and solutions, we do not only address what is happening today, but also think about how we can shape the digital future of tomorrow.

This is why we are the MORGEN DENKER*!

[*: The “Thinkers of Tomorrow”, which is the title of our German podcast series.]

2021 is a special year for Fraunhofer IESE

Kick-off for “25 Years of Fraunhofer IESE”

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Welcoming address by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Liggesmeyer, Director of Fraunhofer IESE

In our video message for the kick-off of “25 Years of Fraunhofer IESE” [with English subtitles], Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Liggesmeyer, Director of Fraunhofer IESE, takes you on a journey into the digital future:


“Let us not only look back, but let us look at the future together!”

Time travel over the past 25 years

Over the course of our anniversary year, ISA will take a chronological look back with us at the last 25 years – from the founding of Fraunhofer IESE until today. Who still remembers what went on in 1996?

Our chronicle will start on 11 February 2021 – to mark the founding of our institute 25 years ago in February 1996.

Stay up to date and come back to have another look!