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SPS smart production solutions

Industrie 4.0 in production? We can do this!

Digitalized production processes enable fast responses to changing markets and thereby secure the competitiveness of companies in the long term. Digital Twins play an important role in this: They network and digitalize production processes and thus enable fast and flexible connection of production assets. The easy availability of data in the Digital Twins also allows valuable insights to be gained quickly.

These Digital Twins can be created with the freely available open-source middleware Eclipse BaSyx. The middleware implements Digital Twins using the Asset Administration Shells standardized by the Plattform Industrie 4.0. It thereby enables cross-manufacturer and cross-layer networking of manufacturing plants from the shop floor to the office floor.

By using the Digital Twins created with BaSyx, an exact overview of the running production is ensured at all times. Quality data is collected from different sources, processed, and made available to customers for further analysis. Optional service-based manufacturing makes changeable production a reality.

Only with BaSyx do you get an open-source solution that digitalizes your manufacturing and provides data from the shop floor to the office floor. This allows automated documentation of your production and monitoring via dashboards. For this purpose, BaSyx provides easy-to-configure components that can be integrated directly with a professional infrastructure, such as the data management and cloud solution of NetApp or the ERP system of SAP – without any programming effort. BaSyx supports changeable production in such a way that production assets can be commissioned in hours instead of days.

As Fraunhofer IESE, we bring modern software architecture to manufacturing and demonstrate how easy it is to integrate it with existing automation and control systems.

Make it easy! As an open-source platform, BaSyx enables end-to-end digitalization of production processes in your company. At the SPS trade show 2021 in Nürnberg, we will show with a production line how manufacturing processes are networked and digitalized with Digital Twins. We will demonstrate how machines, systems, and devices are integrated into digital manufacturing, how process steps are documented in an automated way, and how automated quality assurance is made possible.


The on-site trade show in Nürnberg and its digital supplement, SPS on air, which were to take place from 23 – 25 November 2021, have been canceled by the trade show organizer Mesago following the announcements made by Bavarian Minister President Dr. Markus Söder at the press conference on 19 November 2021.


But you don’t have to miss out on what would have been our trade show highlight this year. We show you our solution for Industrie 4.0 in Production on our website.

BaSyx Middleware – easily explained using the model factory
Our Industrie 4.0 expert Frank Schnicke shows how it works. Just click on this link.

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