Event  /  October 16, 2019  -  October 18, 2019

UX-Day 2019

Three days of input and networking

For more than 10 years, the UX-DAY in Mannheim has made a name for itself internationally with high-profile speakers from Google, Microsoft & Adobe, and has established itself as a regular event in the area of UX in Germany.

In October 2019, it is finally time for it again – the UX-DAY Mannheim will bring together User Experience enthusiasts from across the country and from across industries. From 16 to 18 October 2019, experts for User Experience will meet visitors from all over Europe. Top speakers from business, science, and research will present inspiring presentations on how to optimize the usability of your applications.

Fraunhofer IESE will also take part with a presentation.

Die Fehler der Anderen [The Mistakes of Others; in German]
Markus Trapp, Fraunhofer IESE

Learning from mistakes, but not only from one’s own

In the age of the Digital Transformation, we should take chances and break new ground. We should create innovations that never existed before. We should create a new platform, develop new business models, and ideally build a digital ecosystem. Since we are breaking new ground when we do this, we also make some mistakes in the process, of course. That’s a good thing, because we are supposed to make mistakes. Preferably many mistakes, but early in the project is best. We then learn from these mistakes and can correct them quickly and easily. That’s the theory.

This does not, however, mean that each of us has to make every mistake ourselves, just because it is new for us.  It is quite enough if others have made a mistake before. Because we can also learn from this and do not need to repeat this mistake again.

Our experience in many projects shows that unfortunately, many mistakes keep getting repeated over and over again. But in most cases, there are actually various examples of other companies that have already made these mistakes. These companies either learned from their mistakes or perished as a result. Even if we are just breaking new ground with our overall idea, many parts of our idea are already in place with others from whom we can learn. We like to be inspired by the success stories of others, but too often we forget to also look at their mistakes.

In the presentation, we will show many useful examples of mistakes that one should not make again when implementing a digital innovation. These examples include both digital products/services and analog products/services, because especially when developing digital business models, you can learn very well from historical mistakes.