360° Diagnostics Center

Software is elusive, invisible, interconnected across multiple dimensions, and afflicted with many dependencies. Testing efforts frequently account for half of a company’s development budget, but everyone knows that software is not 100% defect-free. Especially from the customer’s perspective, it is hard to understand what happens inside the black box “software”.

In its Software Testing Center, Fraunhofer IESE as an independent and objective testing authority offers various services for testing software systems. Experts analyze the software and the supporting documentation with the help of specialized tools and thus detect defects in the product or in the underlying processes. With its expertise resulting from hundreds of product assessments, its state-of-the-art testing lab, and its independence, Fraunhofer IESE offers its customers objective, professional, and fast quality evaluation of software-intensive products.


  • Independent evaluation of software systems and supporting documentation (e.g., specifications, design documents, test plans)
  • Testing of quality goals (e.g., reliability, performance, technical debt)
  • Compliance with standards and norms (e.g., CMMI, ISO 12207, IEC 61508, ISO 26262)
  • Identification of improvement and optimization potential

Examples from our service catalog:

  • Tool-supported architecture evaluation
  • Static code analyses
  • Simulation of architecture concepts and designs
  • Model quality evaluation
  • Variation analyses
  • Testing of security and safety concepts


Our lab is equipped with an extensive range of tools*) for performing various analysis steps.

  • Common testing tool such as Astrée, Understand, CodeSonar, …
  • Specially developed tools for the automatic analysis of architectures, model quality, and variants
  • E/E and systems-of-systems simulation framework for virtual integration testing, functional testing, fault injection testing, decision support regarding architecture design, system-of-systems in-the-loop tests, deployment analyses, multicore parallelization, etc.
  • Dedicated analysis hardware to ensure rapid results and protection of customer data

*) Through close cooperation with manufacturers, tools may be licensed exclusively for customer orders, depending on manufacturer requirements.