Business Area Digital Services

Networked IT systems and mobile applications are already permeating our everyday lives in many areas. Company-internal systems such as ERP, CRM, ICIS, accounting and invoicing systems not only support and automate business processes and the daily processing of millions of transactions, but will, in the future, also be interconnected with and interact with other system classes, such as Social Media, eCommerce, FinTech, systems in other organizations – even from other domains, in vehicles, in the Internet of Things (IoT). This is how better, more highly available, data-based and personalized services will emerge: digital ecosystems. With the increasing networking and integration of existing and new systems, processes, and services, the amount of data available for exploitation by services and their optimization also increases rapidly (Big Data).

Challenges of Digitization 

  • Service and process integration
  • Big Data, data protection, and security
  • Flexibilization of systems
  • Individualization and customer journey for customer loyalty and customer acquisitions
  • Shortening of development cycles
  • Time to market
  • Regulation 

Services offered by Fraunhofer IESE 

Recognizing and eliminating problems

Independent Diagnostics - 360° Diagnostics Center:

  • Capabilities of your development and IT processes
  • Flexibility and future orientation of the software architecture
  • Readiness of the system- and process landscape for digital services and digital ecosystems
  • Backend as well as frontends with optimal User Experience
  • Derivation of concrete and detailed improvements in line with your business goals

Systems Engineering Innovation - Efficient Engineering Solutions:

  • Support in building up capabilities for the development of complex systems
  • Ensuring quality right from the start of development
  • Support in agile transformation

Virtual-Engineering - FERAL:

  • Testing and evaluation of services and products prior to development on the basis of front-loading and simulation

Creating innovations and designing the future

Prouct Innovation - Rapid Innovation Lab:

  • Support for your digitization projects from finding ideas to rapid prototyping in our Rapid Innovation Labs
  • Guaranteed qualities such as security, privacy, and User Experience
  • Support in modernizing legacy systems
  • Implementation support