Aligning Business Through Measurement

Success Cases

The GQM+Strategies® approach has been applied in different industrial settings. The following table presents an overview of selected case studies from different domains:

Business Domain Application
European telecommunications company Telecommunications Drive strategic improvement programs, support paradigm shift toward purpose-driven metrics
European automotive supplier Automotive Support CMMI’s Measurement and Analysis process area
European network testing company Telecommunications Evaluate cost, benefit, and schedule for modernizing existing product suite
International software company Embedded systems used in telecommunications Increase the visibility at all organizational levels of how strategic decisions impact operations
Asian insurance company Information systems Align strategies and goals for new business domain
Asian systems engineering organization Safety-critical software for aerospace domain Increase visibility of goals and strategies and derived measurement goals to enhance supplier collaboration
Joint research project to develop a common software platform Support of complex, dynamic business processes in a variety of domains, including logistics, retail, and customized industrial facilities Align project objectives and business objectives of involved research and industry partners