CISCO Router Configuation Diligent Evaluator (CROCODILE)

A Router Configuration Checker

Currently, the preferred router equipment runs the Internet Operating System (IOS™). To assist the user in avoiding the innumerable lurking pitfalls of IOS, Fraunhofer IESE has developed CROCODILE (Cisco Router ConfigurationDiligent Evaluator), a software tool that analyzes router configurations. CROCODILE is a modular, extensible framework based on patterns and associated pattern handlers.

Target Group of this Product

  • Internet Service Providers  and Telecommunication Companies
  • All who run big corporate IT networks 

Benefits of CROCODILE

  • CROCODILE’s predefined checker modules offer rich assessment capabilities, some of them unprecedented.
  • CROCODILE is extensible by customer-specific checker modules.
  • CROCODILE is not restricted to Cisco routers.
  • CROCODILE has powerful and flexible report-generating capabilities.
  • CROCODILE is highly portable and may be provided in source format, depending on license conditions. 

Services in Context of CROCODILE

  • CROCODILE Audits: We carry out toolbased, cost-effective security evaluations.
  • Training: We show clients how to employ CROCODILE to their best advantage.
  • Audit Design: We support clients in their planning of large-scale security audits.
  • Adaptation: We extend the functionality of CROCODILE to cover customer-specific security aspects.