“ Consumer dialog on fitness trackers and Co.”: action recommendations on consumer and data protection for wearables

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Mainz, 12.04.2018 – They can count your steps, measure your pulse, or monitor your sleep habits: Wearables like fitness trackers and smartwatches are becoming ever more popular. And this is only the beginning. In the meantime, the next generation of these wearable computer systems is already in development or even on the market already: Networked garments record vital and movement data or control your smartphone via motion detection; special earphones react to body signals when it comes to choosing music. The human body is going online, so to speak. This rapid development raises controversial issues in terms of consumer and data protection. This is why the fifth Consumer Dialog – a type of expert forum whose format is unique in Germany – hotly debated the issue of “Wearables: Fitness Trackers & Co.” and came up with action recommendations. Fraunhofer IESE also took part in the Consumer Dialog and participated in the development of the action recommendations.