CeBIT 2017: IND²UCE – You decide what happens with your data!

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In Hanover, Fraunhofer IESE will show how to employ the IND²UCE technology to use sensitive customer data and protect them from misuse at the same time.

Presse 2017 - Induce, Fraunhofer IESE

Knowing how to correctly handle data is increasingly becoming a factor for success. This success, however, strongly depends on data being exchanged. But how do you properly exploit this potential without losing control over the data? Seizing opportunities without disregarding the risks: How this can be done will be demonstrated to visitors of CeBIT from 20 to 24 March 2017, at the joint booth of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft in Hall 6. With the help of the IND²UCE technology developed by Fraunhofer IESE, data originators can actively determine how their data may be used. IND²UCE is the first mature, technical implementation of the still rather unknown concept of data usage control. IND²UCE provides both operational and technical support for data protection.

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) creates new challenges for many companies when it comes to handling customer data. Personal data, in particular, are subject to a variety of requirements that data-processing companies have to comply with. On the other hand, the use of such data leads to customer-friendly services and improvements. Dealing with data diligently and in a way that is transparent to the customer is increasingly becoming a competitive edge for companies that process data.

Data Usage Control – the perfect balance in data protection

At CeBIT 2017, Fraunhofer IESE will demonstrate at the Fraunhofer booth in Hall 6 how easily data usage control can be integrated into existing systems and how active data protection adds value to a system. In the application scenario “Portfolio Management”, data usage control enables the customer to co-determine his own privacy needs in order to minimize the risk of data misuse. Financial advisory services are often provided in the customer’s home. In order to ensure the same quality there, the bank advisor must be able to access all customer information on site. However, customers are not necessarily willing to expose their confidential data to increased risk. One possible compromise would be to permit the usage of their data, but only for the purpose authorized by them in the planned application context.

This is exactly what the IND²UCE technology now makes possible: With its help one can distinguish whether the data are accessed in a bank, in the public sphere, or on site at the customer’s place. In addition, IND²UCE adapts the user interface of the application to changed usage situations, for example if the financial advisor hands the tablet or another device to the customer: customer search and access to information about the accounts of other customers are deactivated, but are directly available again to the advisor as soon as the device is returned.

IND²UCE offers a central, adaptable framework for the description and enforcement of data usage policies. The data originators can determine for which purpose and in which way their data may be used. The type and purpose of the use can be adapted to the respective usage situation as illustrated with the example from the financial services domain. IND²UCE is the solution when it comes to mastering challenges in dealing with customer data in a privacy-compliant manner and to exploiting the data potential in the best possible way.

In addition to the specific use case, Fraunhofer IESE will provide insights into the “IND²UCE” product family:

  • Graphical administrative interface and policy editor
  • Scalable, high-performance Cloud solution
  • IND²UCE Software Development Kit for integration of data protection into one’s own applications