Prof. Dr. Dieter Rombach elected "Fellow" of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

Press Release / 21.12.2010

The renowned Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), the largest professional computer association worldwide in the area of academia and science, has elected Professor Dr. Dieter Rombach a Fellow on 7 December 2010. He is one of only a few scientists worldwide who have been elected Fellows of both large computer science associations (ACM and IEEE).

Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. Dieter Rombach

Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. Dieter Rombach

The director of the Software Engineering Research Group at the Department of Computer Science received the award “for contributions to empirical software engineering research and its successful application to industrial practice”, as stated in the citation.

The ACM, which was founded in 1947 as the first computer science association in the world, unites computing educators, researchers, and professionals to inspire dialog, share resources, and address challenges in computer science. It promotes the professional careers of its members by offering opportunities for lifelong learning, career development, and professional networking.

The “ACM Fellows” program, initiated in 1993, celebrates the exemplary contributions of the leading members in the computing field. These individuals have helped to enlighten researchers, developers, practitioners, and end-users of information technology throughout the world.

Rombach is the executive director of the Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering (Fraunhofer IESE). Previous stations of his career took him to the University of Maryland, to the Software Engineering Lab of NASA, and to Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, USA.

Rombach regularly serves as an expert, auditor, and consultant for industry and provides advisory services to government bodies on the state and federal level. He also serves as a scientific adviser to various companies and research institutions. He is the author of more than 200 scientific publications, co-editor of several international journals, and is regularly called upon to serve as a program committee member of important software engineering conferences.

Prof. Rombach‘s research interests are in the area of “Software Engineering”, particularly in engineering-style methods for the development of software with predictable quality; quantitative methods for the measurement of software products and processes for the purpose of project management and quality assurance; languages, methods, and tools for the creation and management of development processes on the basis of explicit software process models; as well as empirical methods and their application for determining the effects of software development methods.

For his excellent scientific work, Rombach has received numerous awards: for example the “Presidential Young Investigator Award” of the National Science Foundation (NSF) in the USA in 1990 or the Service Medal of the State of Rhineland-Palatinate in 2000. In 2009, he was awarded the Federal Cross of Merit on Ribbon of the Federal Republic of Germany and the honorary doctorate degree of the Finnish University of Oulu in recognition of his lifetime achievements.

Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering IESE
Fraunhofer IESE is one of the worldwide leading research institutes in the area of software and systems development. A major portion of the products offered by our collaboration partners is defined by software. These products range from automotive and transportation systems via automation and plant engineering, information systems, health care and medical systems to software systems for the public sector.
Our solutions allow flexible scaling. This makes us a competent technology partner for organizations of any size – from small companies to major corporations.
Under the leadership of Prof. Dieter Rombach and Prof. Peter Liggesmeyer, the past decade has seen us making major contributions to strengthening the emerging IT location Kaiserslautern. In the Fraunhofer Information and Communication Technology Group, we are cooperating with other Fraunhofer institutes on developing trend-setting key technologies for the future. Fraunhofer IESE is one of 59 institutes of the Fraunhofer- Gesellschaft. Together we have a major impact on shaping applied research in Europe and contribute to Germany’s competitiveness in international markets. The institute is officially a “Selected Landmark 2009“ of the Germany-wide initiative “Germany – Land of Ideas“.