One picture is worth a thousand words – and one film is worth more than a thousand pictures! Here we have collected several documentaries and informational videos for you. They range from general information about software engineering via our global activities to our individual areas of work and our research focus areas. Enjoy!

Unless noted otherwise, the videos are in English.

Transformation of Fail-Operational Solutions for Automated Driving

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In a recent project, Fraunhofer IESE successfully cooperated with Hiatchi and transferred fail-operational solutions for automated driving into industrial practice.

The fail-operational solution has been presented at the industry track of the ISSRE conference 2019.


Together with the members of the association StoREgio Energiespeichersysteme e.V., Fraunhofer IESE is developing a trading platform for flexibility potentials on the distribution grid level in the project Flex4Energy.

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Smart Ecosystems

Just like “Smart Cities”, “Digital Villages” are no longer a utopian vision. In the future, many people will benefit from the innovations in smart ecosystems in areas such as medicine, mobility, or agriculture.

DENSO - Control as a Service

The “Cloud” offers infrastructure and resources as a service via a network (commonly the Internet). The use of Cloud services is already common for users who use web browsers on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets, and allows access to business applications or the use of lifestyle applications.

IND²UCE – Integrated Distributed Data Usage Control Enforcement

In the light of regular incidents of data theft and data misuse, privacy is an indispensable must-have nowadays. On 15 October 2014, researchers from Fraunhofer IESE were awarded the Innovation Prize of the European Association of Research and Technology Organisations EARTO for a newly developed data protection program. IND²UCE – Integrated Distributed Data Usage Control Enforcement – could help to strengthen confidence in modern information technology.

Master in Software Engineering for Embedded Systems

The University of Kaiserslautern is collaborating with the Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering IESE in offering the accredited career-compatible distance study program “Master in Software Engineering for Embedded Systems”.

Automotive Technology

Failure safety in automotive electric and electronic systems is the greatest challenge of this decade for automotive developers. The search for new ways of performing quality assurance in the automotive industry is one of the business areas of Fraunhofer IESE.

Assisted Living Systems

Ambient Intelligence is the name of the research area that includes, among other things, the development of assisted living systems. One of its aims is to allow elderly people to live their lives autonomously for a longer period of time.

Health Care and Medical Technology

For the manufacturers of medical technology systems, Fraunhofer IESE is developing suitable processes, techniques, and methods to ensure systematic development of embedded software.

Global Development

See for yourself how Fraunhofer IESE supports companies all over the world in getting the best possible benefits from global development while protecting themselves from risks at the same time.

Software Engineering

Curious what the term "Software Engineering" really means? Then watch our documentary "Software Engineering – the engineering discipline of the future" and learn more about the design and production of software-based systems.

Transportation Systems

Not least the occurrence of serious accidents with severe consequences pushes manufacturers and providers to make transportation systems safer. Software engineering helps to not only achieve the highest reliability and safety standards, but also to prove them.

2013 Award for Start-Up Supporters

Das Fraunhofer-Zentrum Kaiserslautern trägt mit seinen zahlreichen Kooperationen mit kleinen und mittelständigen Unternehmen der Region seit vielen Jahren zu deren Stabilität am globalen Markt und ständigen Wettbewerbsfähigkeit bei. Dieses Engagement wurde am 25. September in der Fruchthalle in Kaiserslautern mit dem Gründerfördererpreis des Jahres 2013 ausgezeichnet.


Prof. Dieter Prätzel-Wolters (Fraunhofer ITWM) nimmt den Preis für das Fraunhofer-Zentrum entgegen.

In German bureaucracy, the typical German thoroughness can be seen in a way that is not necessarily to everyone’s taste. See for yourself how process-oriented e-government helps to save time and money - for private clients as well as for industry.