Digital services for rural counties

The model project “Smarte LandRegionen” will further promote digitalization in rural areas. The project is supported by the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL). In this project, digital services for rural counties will be developed. In a selection process, seven counties, which must be explicitly rural in character, will be determined as model regions in a contest in summer 2020. The seven model regions will have one million euros at their disposal for 48 months to implement their digital strategy. Particularly the use of digital services and new technological developments is intended to contribute to making life in rural areas more attractive. With the help of the model project, opportunities offered by digitalization should also be exploited, and networking in rural areas is to be promoted.

The focus of Fraunhofer IESE will be on the technical development, testing, and exploration of digital solutions. In this context, a digital platform will be established, and customized digital services will be developed in and with the participating model regions. 

Our Intention in the Project Smarte LandRegionen


Goal of the Project

Promoting digitalization in rural areas in order to ensure equal living conditions in urban and rural areas.