Smart tau Hus

Digital Rural Life in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

With the model project Digital Rural Life in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern “Smart tau Hus”, digitalization is to lead the potential of rural areas successfully into the future. New technologies offer many opportunities as well as new possibilities for action in rural areas. These must be exploited in order to make life in rural areas more attractive again. The aim of the model project “Smart tau Hus” is the creation of a real and digital village center. In a selection process, the association of municipalities led by the municipality of Hohenkirchen was chosen as the model region, which can now implement its digitalization concept. This includes the development and implementation of a digital showcase to improve the exchange of information between the local public administration, residents, and visitors. The digital showcases are to be set up at strongly frequented locations such as bus stops, beach access points, community centers, tourist information centers, and the offices of the local public administration. The process of successful implementation is to continue until June 2021. After that, the results of the model project will also be made available to other rural municipalities.

The focus of Fraunhofer IESE is on the technical development and testing of the digital solutions in the model region.

Our Intention in the Model Project Smart tau Hus


Goal of the Model Project

The goal of the model project “Smart tau Hus” is to implement the digitalization idea of the Hohenkirchen association of municipalities successfully and transferably.


To gain knowledge about the potentials of digitalization for strengthening rural areas in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.