An open initiative on the topic of “Artificial Intelligence in Municipalities”

Municipalities are also dependent on innovative technological possibilities such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve the quality of life, location, and work for people efficiently and sustainably. The question of the political, legal, and social regulatory framework for AI has become a central issue of our time. Gerald Swarat, head of our Fraunhofer IESE Contact Office in Berlin, has therefore founded the open initiative #KoKI, which deals with AI in municipalities, together with the Kommunale Gemeinschaftsstelle für Verwaltungsmanagement (KGSt) and the Innovators Club of the German Association of Towns and Municipalities (DStGB).

Following the initiative’s kick-off in Berlin on 19 December 2019, experts from society, business, science, as well as public administration and government will come together every now and then in a classic think-tank style until May 2020 to discuss challenges and opportunities of AI in municipal sector. The goal of KoKI is to develop strategies for the approx. 12,000 municipalities in Germany for using Artificial Intelligence in a meaningful way and for the benefit of the people, thus turning this technology into an opportunity for our country.

Do you want to actively participate in this initiative? Experts from society, science, business, and government can express their interest in participation via the KoKi website. Personal expertise and interest must be stated. Representatives of municipalities or from state and federal ministries are particularly invited to actively participate. They do not need to apply and get access to the Community by contacting Gerald Swarat.

Further Information on the Initiative #KoKI


Further Information on the Initiative #KoKI

and on the topic of “Artificial Intelligence in Municipalities” can be found on the pages of "Co:Lab – Denklabor und Kollaborationsplattform" [in German].

Selected Projects on KoKI

AI in Medium-sized Cities

In this project, together with project partners, we are investigating the possibilities of using AI in the public sector of medium-sized cities in Rhineland-Palatinate.