Digital Villages 3

Support for municipal political involvement

Which new opportunities does digitalization open up for our rural areas?

The “Digital Villages” project has been dedicated to answering this question since 2015. “Digital Villages 3” started in December 2019 as the third phase of the “Digital Villages” project.

In the third phase of the project, we, i.e., Fraunhofer IESE and the Rhineland-Palatinate Development Agency, are taking on the challenge of making municipal political involvement in rural areas more attractive again. This gave rise to the idea of developing a web application that municipal stakeholders can use to retrieve statistical data and recommendations for action in order to obtain support for making their decisions.

To make this possible, statistical data on municipalities in Rhineland-Palatinate is being collected and evaluated. This data is then used to group the municipalities into clusters, which are in turn compared with regard to various topic areas, such as demographics, digitalization, and future-proof municipal development. The data and findings are made available to municipal politicians via a web application. Based on these data and findings, political decisions can then be made more easily and in a more informed manner. In addition, a seminar concept is being developed and offered to the municipal stakeholders.

This is what Mr. Volker Klemm from the Rhineland-Palatinate Development Agency has to say:

“The Rhineland-Palatinate Development Agency has long maintained an intensive collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering IESE. And for good reason: Here, scientificity and methodological competence are combined with the motivation to conduct application-oriented research and to break new ground. Personally, I like working with Fraunhofer IESE because everything is right in the team, also in terms of communication. Respect!”

Volker Klemm, Rhineland-Palatinate Development Agency

Intention in the Project Digital Villages 3


The goal is to develop a web application to help municipal stakeholders make decisions based on existing data and insights derived from it.


The lessons learned from the data in the project are intended to provide a solid basis for political work. The exchange with other municipal politicians is to be promoted.

Target Group

The project is aimed at municipal stakeholders such as mayors and council members in Rhineland-Palatinate municipalities.