Digital Village Bavaria (“Digitales Dorf Bayern“)

Digital services for the support of local supply in Bavaria

Rural areas increasingly suffer from the steady disappearance of traditional village shops as a way to shop for everyday goods. This is accompanied by ever longer distances that people from villages have to travel to buy rolls, cheese, sausage, or vegetables. We want to shorten the distances for the food supply by using and testing a mobile sales vehicle that stops in the center of those villages that no longer have their own supply. The offer will be supplemented by a digital marketplace linking citizens, regional producers, and village shops, so that in addition to spontaneous purchases in the vehicle, orders can also be placed online.

Our services for you in the project Digitales Dorf Bayern


Our Idea

How to support the supply of rural areas with the help of new information and communication technologies and thereby ensure that these areas will remain sustainable in the future. [in German]

Mobile Village Shop

In the context of the project, a digital marketplace is being developed that is based on the BestellBar of the Digital Villages. The goods will be delivered via the mobile village shop.

Digital Local Supply

Citizens are introduced to the possibilities of digitalization in local supply.