Digital Twin – Discover the Digital Potential!

Digital Twins are the technology of the future. They help to make decisions, capture the state of real assets, and standardize interfaces and data. They are a central component of future ecosystems, which are based on the interoperability of systems.

Digital Twins reflect all the properties of real assets. They are their digital representatives. Fraunhofer IESE accompanies you in digitalizing your assets. Integrate vehicle functions, set up virtual test beds, digitalize urban districts, or design entire ecosystems.

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What is a Digital Twin?

The Digital Twin is a digital representation of a real unit. It captures all properties and services and offers these with a standardized interface. Through prediction models, it supports “what-if” analyses and automated decision-making. It is the basis of future software-based ecosystems – and already provides support today, for example, by making available tailor-made updates, optimizing manufacturing processes, and in automotive engineering.

What can Digital Twins be used for?

Thanks to enabling end-to-end digitalization, Digital Twins open up numerous possibilities for you and your products:

  • Digitalize vehicle configurations and determine with the help of Digital Twins whether software updates are suitable for a particular vehicle, for example.

  • Realize virtual test beds. Test driving functions, combine these via virtual buses with your existing simulators, and realize simulations of the entire vehicle. 

  • Keep track of your production and your products on dashboards. Digital Twins make your processes easy to understand and identify optimization potential in your production. 

  • Document all manufacturing steps and the quality of all components – and find optimization potential in your manufacturing processes. 

  • Digital urban districts show citizens the future – better and more vividly than would be possible with traditional zoning plans. Examine the performance of public transport network or develop new mobility concepts together with us. 

  • Optimize your production – in your location or across locations. A Digital Twin and we from Fraunhofer IESE will help you do so.

What does Fraunhofer IESE offer in the area of Digital Twins?

Studies on how to improve your business goals with Digital Twins

Numerous solutions for Digital Twins already exist today. They realize different requirements. Do you need live data, 3D visualization, or precise simulation models to test solutions and validate decisions? Talk to us! Fraunhofer IESE performs neutral studies and will develop a strategy for the introduction of Digital Twins together with you.


Realization of customized vHiL test beds and simulation environments

In addition to traditional HiL tests, virtual Hardware-in-the-Loop (vHiL) tests are becoming more and more important. They are not only significantly cheaper than HiL solutions, but can also be used much earlier in development. Development mistakes can thus be found earlier and eliminated more cost-efficiently. Also, virtual test beds are much easier to replicate than is possible with traditional HiL tests. Digital Twins enable the realization of virtual HiL test beds via simulator coupling. Fraunhofer IESE will be happy to design a suitable solution together with you!


Integration of simulators and development tools

The use of simulators has become an integral part of development. In automotive technology, production, aviation, or in the area of commercial vehicles – everywhere, simulators help to make decisions or validate developments. However, every simulator has its field of application and its limitations. You can overcome these with a simulation of the entire system, and you can cover all relevant aspects of the system in an integrated simulation with simulator coupling, which also explores the interactions between simulators, such as the effects of scheduling or communication jitter, on the stability of distributed control loops. We from Fraunhofer IESE will be happy to talk to you about how to realize a simulation of the entire system.


Virtual validation of systems

More and more systems are safety-relevant today and require safety concepts. Fraunhofer IESE develops safety concepts for you, accompanies you during the certification process, and qualifies novel safety concepts with our virtual methods. In this process, we involve the certification bodies in the project right from the start.


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