Innovative Automation Concepts

Robot-guided sensor platforms with specific sensor systems

Innovative Automation Concepts

Autonomous field robotics for plant-specific fieldwork
Autonomous field robotics for plant-specific fieldwork

Automation via field robotics enables continuous and local acquisition of sensor data. With the information derived from this, agricultural work processes can be further optimized. The goal of the development is a lightweight, fully electrified field robot unit consisting of a platform that drives autonomously and a drone.

In the context of this project, methods for

  • cooperative perception of the environment,
  • automated path planning, and
  • integration into the cognitive process automation from the Agricultural Data Space

are therefore planned to be developed and implemented.

Fraunhofer can contribute its long-time expertise in the areas of robotics, drive technology, and quick-charging technologies.

An efficient interplay of technologies will support the agricultural work processes. For example, individual plant treatment can significantly reduce the negative effects of large-scale application of chemicals.

The project‘s major contributions will include

  • continuous measurement data collection and field management through autonomous action,
  • introduction of future-oriented drive technology in agriculture,
  • reduction of soil compaction due to small, lightweight units,
  • more eco-friendliness

and finally

  • the use of modular systems that communicate via appropriate interfaces.

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